Happy, Happy

Last week was sweet Jessica's birthday :)  She was so wonderful to me on my birthday--making me feel extra special, it was so important that we did the same for her.  Jess was out of town on her actual birthday, but this week myself and her closest girlfriends took her to Maggiano's for 'Carbs and Laughter' (I stole this from that silly girl's FB status). 
Happy Day to this beautiful girl- last year I think she has some kind of fruit dessert for her birthday.. pretty sure they can smell a dieitian a mile away.
The Birthday Girl's biggest fans.  (L to R) Missy, Erin, Jess, Anna, Amber, and Courtney

Such a blessing to be so lucky to have these ladies to celebrate birthdays with :)

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Anna said...

love that picture & enjoy reading your blog!

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