Perfect Start to November

Looking back over the weekend I had about a million pictures to share.  I decided it was a fabulous start to the second to last month of the year.. which means my babies will be 11 months old this week.  11 months going on 14 years! 
Friday afternoon me and the girls met a sweet blogger friend, Ashley for lunch and window shopping at the mall.  After pizza lunch which actually means pizza, puffs, bread, and pasta ALL over the floor.. and a really dirty look from the woman walking around the food court with a broom we started off to find the play area for the kiddos.  We have never played in anything like this before, but they girls went wild! 
Literally running all over the place.  When did Parker learn to run?
 Caught ya!  Don't give me that look, little lady.
 Parker went to every little place she could sit up on top of and did just that- seeming to be very proud of herself.
..and again
Pointing and jibber jabbering is the newest thing in our house.  She was telling me all about Marvin.
 Jolie was pretty unsure of the entire thing and clung to me or Ashley the entire time..
About 45 minutes of watching her sister run like a wild banshee, she finally came around

 She thought the little seats were hilarious!
She loved that she could sit on top of it.  The fact that she has teeth when she smiles still weirds me out.
 ..and this girl.  Sat like this with her back to me.  No matter how many times I called her name.  She is something else I tell you.
Silly sisters!  We played and played and played for about 2 hours.  Yes.  11 months old and they lasted that long.  I told Jordan we would need to make a regular appearance at the mall. It is such a great way to break up the day!  They crashed so hard on the way home.  Note to self: do this again!
Top: Carters // Black Leggings: baby Gap // Headbows: Jameson Monroe

Ashley and I have chatted through email, graduated to texting, and now have actually met in person!  The girls and I really enjoyed spending time with this girl and can't wait for our next playdate!  Just a sidenote: My hair looks really short in the picture :/ GROW.. please!
 Later that afternoon Parker pulled out this bow from her closet that we have yet to wear.  It was originally on a beanie that their BB made for them before they were born and have since grown out of the beanie.  I requested that the fabulous bow be repurposed into a headband and, hello?  Perfection!
 I can't even.
Saturday morning Daddy came home from the fire station and had his usual breakfast smoothie in hand and a begging Jolie at his feet. She recently figured out how to suck through a straw, and pleads with her daddy for a sip!
I headed to the grocery store bright and early, and while the girls napped that afternoon I whipped up some baby food for the littles.

roasted sweet potato, carrots, and parsnips 
Sunday morning started early for us!  We were meeting Jordan's family for lunch in Dallas to celebrate Poppa's birthday and decided that we would worship at our old church.  I miss that place!!  Makes me sad we live so far away from it- but The Village is just as wonderful.

My sweet girl after I picked her up from children's church.  Man I adore her.
 Lunch!  Which really means puffs, bread, and pasta ALL over the floor.  See a pattern?  We haven't quiet grasped the idea of hand to mouth just yet.
 I watched Jolie and her Poppa be so sweet together the entire lunch.
After the meal our waiter was so sweet to bring out some ice cream for the babes and a mini cheesecake for Roy's birthday.  We spared him the singing- mainly because he was spoon feeding my child and she was patiently waiting while he perfectly portioned out the perfect little bite.

Parker and her BB enjoying some of that Vanilla Bean goodness, too!
After lunch we took a stroll through Northpark and stopped to check out the fountains
 Happy Birthday to the sweetest Poppa on the planet!  {The fountain was WAY more interesting than Momma and Dad bouncing around and hollering for attention to the camera.}
Later that evening I had a special helper unloading the dishwasher.. and a little extra something for me to unload..
Of course I had to snap a couple pictures of these girls in the most precious outfits that my sweet momma friend, Erin mailed the girls this week.  She is talented, right??
 Handmade stitching on the front of those little shirts.  AND- look at Parker's elbow patch?!  Dying!
 Hey, Tweety Bird- it seems that you are having a minor accessory malfunction. 
My sillies are in a constant blur!  I've started snapping about a million pictures in a row in hopes to get one good one.  They are always on the move and waiting for the perfect picture is impossible.
I emailed these pictures to Erin and she is totally up for taking orders if anyone has interest:) Feel free to email her at: olsonpitcrew24@aol.com for custom orders and requests.  She is totally making something special for Parker and Jolie to wear when they see the Big Man in the Red Suit! 
Baby Moccs: Little Tonto Moccs via etsy // Jegging: Carters via Once Upon a Child // Shirts: c/o Erin :)
Hairbows: Custom design by Jameson Monroe

Oh what fun!  Ok.. little too early for Christmas music?  Tell that to my iPod blaring Bieber Christmas (pre-annoying-self absorbed-crazy teenage stage that is currently.)

Love this time of year!  Happy November, friends!



Leslie said...

I am so curious what you use (phone/camera) and if camera, what app to take such beautiful pictures of the girls??

Ashley Sanderson said...

I so much enjoyed hanging with you 3 gals and I can't wait for our next play date!! :)

Man and Wife and Two Fur Babies

The Joiners said...

Sweet girls! I have lots of fun memories at Northpark as a child with my own twin sissy :)

Steven Marg said...


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Darcy Potter said...

I mean seriously could they be any cuter?!!!! I can't believe how big they are getting :) big hugs <3

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