Parker & Jolie: 11 Months

11 Months.  As I type I'm sitting here watching these two little {not so little, actually} babies {toddlers, really} walk and babble their way through the kitchen {making loops around the island with a random squeal/screech/scream here and there}.  Little voices, little words, teeter totter of little legs, pointing of tiny fingers, teeth, teeth, count them five, teeth since last month.  

So much has changed in such a short amount of time. I can't even bring myself to look through pictures from 11 months ago.  I lie.  On the daily, folks.  

ELEVEN?!  Months!?
Whatchu say?
Cray Cray..Time is flying so fast, sister.

What's New

  • Walking {Running}
  • Talking {Sort of..} 
  • Sharing {Sometimes}
  • Acknowledging people/places/objects {All day. Every day.}
  • Gaining Independence {Until Momma walks into/out of the room}

As you can see from the list above, this 11th month has marked tremendous milestones- for the second month in a row. At 10 months we finally cut teeth and we started to wobble steps here and there- but as of 11 months we are both walking all over the place and getting quiet good at it, thats for sure.  Parker can practically run from place to place, needs little to hold her balance, and is brave as can be.  Jolie is a little more cautious with her steps- arms out to her side holding her balance, and still learning how to speed up her stride. Either way- they both take multiple tumbles a day, with little tears to show for it.  I've gotten quiet accustomed to holding my ground if they happen to fall {face-plant} to the floor.  I don't want to find myself running to their side any time they bump their head or trip and fall- making a bigger deal out of something that isn't.  

We cut three teeth each this month-the same teeth, actually, which is so bizarre to me.  I guess I didn't expect that.  Jolie cut her top middle two and the one to {her} left (10/20/13) and Parker cut these same teeth about a week later (10/25/13).  You wouldn't have ever know with Jo, but Parker's sleep habits and usual playful mood was affected {and it continues still} during that time.  

I've noticed more and more interaction and acknowledgment of the people the girls regularly see.  Especially Ashley, Jarrett {Auntie and Uncle J}, BB and Poppa {Jordan's parents}, and of course Jordan and myself.  They have taken a real adoration to their BB lately- and love their time spent with her a couple days a week.  So thankful for her, thats for sure.  If you ask Jolie or Parker 'Where's Daddy?' or 'Where's Puppy?' {Jolie's prized possession- just like her momma!} they will point in that general direction and jibber jabber.  The other day Jordan asked Jolie where Puppy was, and she went off in search of Puppy walking to the nursery and leaving Jordan in the living room.  Talk about precious!  They also have begun to say 'dada' anytime Jordan isn't around and I'm texting or talking on the phone.  They assume 'dada' is on the other end.  We have done 'face-time' with him a couple times while he is away at the fire station, but now the girls actually recognize that Daddy is on the screen- and they think it is so hilarious.  It is amazing to watch their development and it floors me for how quickly it occurs- I'm talking overnight.

Teaching Jolie to blow sugars took less than a half hour.  I kid you not.  Smart as a whip and her sister's got things figured out, too!  To be truthful, I thought that time waited until at least 12-15 months before giving my 11 month old the brain to throw a tantrum, but I was surely wrong.  Where I came up with that 12-15 months window, I haven't a clue, I just can't believe my eyes sometimes when Parker throws herself on the floor in dramatic distress when she doesn't get what she wants {or Jolie snatches a toy from her grasp}.  Where did you learn this, child?  No adult is acting in this way {unless Jordan eats the last cookie} and they aren't around any kids regularly to witness this sort of behavior.. leaves this momma clueless, for sure.  Thankfully these 'tantrums' are few and far in between.

This month you girls are getting more and more talkative by the day.  Ma-Ma and Da-Da are now accompanied by da {dog}, choo {choo-choo train}, bah-bah/doh-doh {bye-bye}. They both seem to recognize and understand what you are saying to them when you ask them a question- 'are you hungry?' gets Parker's attention real quick.

Both babies continue to wear size 2 diapers and size 6 months in onesies.  As far as jammies, pants, and shirts we have transitioned into size 6-12 mo (babyGap) and 9 mo (Carter's).  These larger sizes are pretty loose and have plenty of room to grow, but the 6 month pants and jammies are just too short.  I've got me two long and lean baby girls!     


Last month the girls were willing to try anything, and this month is almost the same for the most part.    Parker is still pretty good about taking a taste of anything I/we offer her, but Jolie has become quite the skeptic.  She gives anything directed to her mouth a good examination before she has to put it in her mouth herself.  It had become a rare occasion that I am able to put it in her mouth without question.  

As we approach the 12 month mark we are starting to think about the transition to more solid foods and getting to that multi-meal a day mentality.  We haven't gotten there yet, as we are still just eating solid foods twice a day- mid-morning and evening- but we are close.  The girl aren't interested in 'real' food at all, so it makes it hard to offer them something I know they will actually eat!  I know once we start to give them more solids they will eventually get to a point of loving everything, so I'm not too worried at this point.  My biggest concern is that these girls get totally grossed out by any 'chunks' of food and immediately spit them out. Gotta work on that.  

Their typical feeding schedule at 11 months:
5:30-6am:  breast feed
8-8:30am: wake for the day- snack (puffs, toast, yogurt melts)
9am: 7 ounce bottle (or breast feed when I'm home)
9:45am-10am:  5 ounces fruit/vegetable and 1/2 cup yogurt
10am-12pm: nap
1pm: 7 ounce bottle (or breastfeed when I’m home)
2:30pm: nap
5pm: breastfeed
6:30pm: (eaten between the two of them) 3/4-1 cup of oats mixed with 5 ounces breast milk and 5 ounces of veggies/fruit and about 1/2 cup yogurt

This month these girls have gone through a growth spurt and it is not problem for them to take from the bottle when mom isn't around to nurse.  Music to Daddy's ears! 

Weaning is the next step for these girls and I think it will be easier for the babes than for myself.  12 months has always been the 'magic' number, so we shall see how it goes this next month. I'm a little stressed about it all, so any tips are welcome!         


I am happy to report that Parker and Jolie continue to sleep through the night.  There have been a couple times that Parker (and recently, Jolie) have woken in the middle of the night due to teething, but nothing a little momma or daddy love can't soothe quickly and right back down they go.  

Two naps a day is where we are at- but the talks of a single nap during the day is in planning.  Manipulating their feeding times and fitting in one long nap is whats up next for these babies.  They nap around 10am or 10:30am and then again in the afternoon (down between 2:30pm-3pm).      

To My Sassy Mini-
Your Favorites: your monkey Wubanub, your paci (can't sleep without it!), singing your ABC's, playing 'chase' around the house, paper (toilet paper, paper towels, boxes, receipts),  iPhone, the remote control, anything you can stack- blocks, cups, etc., bath time, the color orange, and most of all- cuddling.
Food: You will pretty much try anything! Oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, bananas, and butternut squash, baby crunchies, Cheerios, goldfish

Your Not-So-Favorites:  When Jolie takes a toy away, Sitting and playing alone, being in your car seat for too long, being left out, getting dressed or diaper changes.
Food: There isn't one particular thing you won't eat, but still iffy on how much of one thing you will eat.  You are free to try, but after one bite its become hit or miss whether you will continue to eat or not.

Sassy is the understatement of the century.  You little girl are SO much like your momma- right down to the facial expressions and demeanor.  I know I've said this over and over again, but I have seen myself in you more so now than any of the previous months before. I love it!   

You are such a love bug and sure know how to make your Daddy and me smile from ear to ear.  You have become quite silly in your ways- screeching with excitement when you are extra happy.  You walk around confident and seem to have purpose- for as much purpose as an 11 month old can possibly have.  You have come out of your shell this month and are super outgoing- playing with anyone, seeking out your curiosity and gaining more and more independence by the day.  I can't pinpoint the day that you decided to be brave and leave my lap for more than just a few minutes- but you are always ready for play these days.  Even though this is the case, you still want momma and dad close by for comfort.

We have come to the conclusion that your favorite color is orange.  You double fist any orange toy we have- particularly the orange stacking ring and orange ball- carrying it around all day.  There was even a meltdown moment when sister had the orange cap in her sippy cup and you were devastated we gave you the pink.  Finally we figured out what the actual problem was and made a quick switch.  INSANE to think you actually understand and know what you want/need.  Makes me realize that you aren't so little these days.  You know exactly what you want and when you want it- just like the time you physically stopped me from snapping my fingers while singing the ABC's and showed me that clapping was better.  Being corrected by an 11 month old is a feeling I will never forget.  Clearly you prefer the claps over the snaps- so that is the only way to do it, I suppose. Soon you will be saying more words than 'mama' and 'dada' and you'll be chatting me up all day everyday.  As bad as I want that day to come, I really have enjoyed this sweet stage you are in.  Sweet and snuggly, handing out hugs by the handfuls- I cannot get enough of you!  

You have become incredibly playful this month and your new favorite game to play is 'chase'..if thats the real name for it.  You take off running, arms in the air, and attempt to 'hide' in the hallways and peer around the corner to see if daddy or momma are right behind you- squealing with delight as you take off running again.  Repeat this about 67 times {or until momma is completely out of breath} and you are good to go.. and go. and go some more.  You could play this all day long.   Again- another thing I can't pinpoint the change, but the once 'sit back and watch' Parker is no longer.

Happy eleven months, sweetest PJ.  You are one incredible light to our life.  I love you.

Hey Jo-Jo (in my best Yogi Bear voice)
Your Favorites: Your Puppy, singing the ABC's, anything that lights up and sings, smiling and being silly, climbing and exploring, rough housing, bath time, hide and go seek, laughing at Daphnee through the back window.

Food: Oatmeal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, mango, applesauce, baby crunchies, Cheerios, and butternut squash, and bread (hard rolls, pizza crust, etc.). 

Your Not-So-Favorites: being in your car seat for too long, finding a comfortable position to sleep in, getting dressed and changing your diaper (continues to be a never ending battle!)

Food: You are picky, picky, picky!  Not trusting anyone to put something straight in your mouth.  You must do it for yourself if you are going to even try anything. Straight up avocado (you will eat guacamole), pasta, and banana- I think its a texture thing.
Baby girl, you've got a way about you that sure does keep my heart full to the brim.  I know your daddy can agree.

Crazy Train.  On repeat. Every day.  The look on your face- half cracked smile and sly eyes- I cannot help but giggle.  Its as if you are up to no good..and thank goodness we aren't to that stage at this point.  You have become the sweetest soul this month.  You have always been a sweet girl, but it is showing more and more everyday.  Maybe because your sister has enough sass for the both of you and then some.. but either way- I'm digging you, girlie.  My favorite little goofy smile- and those TEETH!  I still cannot believe you have teeth.  Too big for your britches baby girl.

You are quite the chatter box and will talk and point out every thing.  You are so very smart and I can probably attest to be taken back at least once a day by how quickly you pick up on various things.    Your daddy and I think you will be the first with full sentences as you are already making strides to forming more understandable words.

Your puppy is your best friend- the light up of your face is unforgettable and the sweetest when you see puppy.  Can we talk about how hilarious it is to watch you {attempt} to walk around with that stuffed animal in your hand?  Puppy is as big as you are!  We have to limit puppy at bed time because he will keep you awake all night long- hugs and kisses and lots and lots of chatter.  What you two are talking about is beyond me- but your little voice over the monitor is to die for.  Sometimes he is the last resort when momma or daddy can't do the trick to soothe you- oh, but puppy has the magic touch.

You continue to wear your TOT collar 3-4 times a day and we continue to see great improvement in the straightness of the way you hold your neck.  Even though you have been discharged from PT {got the letter in the mail officially on 11/6/13} we aren't ready to phase out the collar just yet.  You don't seem to mind it all that much and will tolerate it up to an hour or more!  You play so well with it on, we often times forget you are even wearing it.  Such a good sport you are.

Stealing toys from your sister is your favorite game these days- but I have come to think it isn't intentional simply because if she takes it back from you, you totally could careless.  Parker screams her head off- but its like you shrug your shoulders and move on- most of the time.  You have flipped places with sister and have come to love sitting in momma's lap for more than just a few moments.  I'm surely not complaining at all whatsoever. You are more of a thinker and evaluates every situation before taking part.  Much different that these last months before.

Jolie Grace- thank you for your contagious smiles and amazing personality.  Our days are much sweeter with you apart of them.

I love you, sweet baby.

See.. crazy train.
Happy Eleven Months, my sweetest littles!! 



Karen said...

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! They are beautiful and you are truly blessed!

Sarah and Derek said...

I just weaned my almost 1 year old and my piece of advice? Start now!! She weaned herself from her late morning and before dinner nursing session and then I started dropping the others 1 week at a time. She's been eating table foods for a couple months and so she eats 3 meals and usually 2 snacks. I started mixing whole milk and breast milk first but she wasn't a fan. It took a little time but she LOVES whole milk now (warm). Drying up is a whole other thing. It was painful but 2 weeks later, I am finally dried up. Tight bras and cabbage leaves!! Good luck!

Sarah said...

If you don't want to wean, you don't have to. I am still nursing my 19 month old and pumping at work. America is weird in that there is a belief that babies must be weaned by ages 6-12 months.

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