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My husband does not shop for himself.  EVER.  He receives additions to his wardrobe twice a year.. birthday and Christmas.  Literally. The boy has buyers remorse like no one else I know.  A couple years back I decided that I was no longer going to give him gift cards to purchase an item of his choice.  That year he took 365 days to pick out a pair of jeans.  I mean.. the money has already been spent, buddy.  Take the plunge!

The Gent's list is close to the same every year.  Clothes, clothes, the occasion pair of sunglasses, and every couple years he asks for cologne.  Oh, and clothes.

Pique Polo- Tall  Jordan has the torso of an iguana so the tall option is his BFF.  Think Randall of Monsters Inc.  Banana Republic (and JCrew, too!) offers their shirts in tall online, so don't you know I do most of my shopping for my Gent via the www.  He probably has this shirt in every color- every season I pray for new colors in hopes to find him yet another super soft and oh-so-comfy collar shirt.
iTunes Gift Card Because the boy likes to buy practical $14 apps for his phone.  Can I just get a couple of the $1 apps?  Makes a $25 gift card go a long way :)
Long Sleeve Crew- Tall It can be 33 degrees out and Jordan would rather be in short sleeves- until this shirt walked under the tree.  Bright colors (and comes in a tall!) and breathable enough for my hot-natured hubby to wear long sleeves indoors.
Life Proof Case Being a firefighter, Jordan has quiet a few run-ins with a water hose.  Being a daddy to twins, Jordan as quiet a few run-ins with baby drool.  Times two.  So far his phone still produces sound, clear picture, and no water damage.. err.. drool damage.  Good enough for me!
Slippers I'm more of a slouchy winter sock kinda gal while Jordan is all about his house shoes.  Never do we ever travel without them.  These slippers from LL Bean are of bison leather and keeps your toes extra toasty with heir shearling lining.  Paying the extra $$ for these slippers is tots worth it.
Broken in Tee Again- same speech as above with the Pique Polo from BR.  It is the most comfortable tee and such high quality- he looks 'dressed' up without the stiff feeling.  Jordan has never been a collared shirt and loafers kind of guy, so these tees are perfect for his style.
Diesel Fuel For Life smells.so.yummy.  LOVE this cologne.  Jordan has been wearing it a couple years now and I hope he wears it forever.

That wraps up these Three Ladies and our Gent's Christmas wish list for 2013.  I feel like we went through that way to quick.  Perhaps.. if you feel so led, you could take a gander back to the first post- MY Christmas wish list:)


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Meredith said...

I am cracking up about the torso comment. Monsters Inc... HAHAHA!

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