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Since the girls' birthday is so close to Christmas, this 'wish list' can really be a combination of the two  celebrations.  And.. lets just keep it real.  This list is by no means what Parker and Jolie wish for.  It is what their {crazy-brained} mother wishes them to have/enjoy/play with.  Could their mother be more excited about birthday/Christmas for them this year than P&J actually understand?  Its a possibility.

Judge away.

Radio Flyer Wagon We actually purchased this on a whim last weekend while we were heading into Walmart to do our weekly shopping.  We saw another {awesome} momma wheeling it out to her car.. talk about impulse purchase.  It was on the 'must-have' list for the girls ever since we took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch and they sat perfectly content in the wagons there.  We had no plans to buy it that day- but thanks to that lady with the Flyer we made the purchase.  Walmart could totally hire someone to walk in and out of their doors with merchandise and make a killing on those saucer eyed shoppers.
Pop Up Teepee Pop Up Teepee: $30.  200 plastic balls: $40.  The squeals and giggles of two baby girls: priceless.  
Little People Disney Princess Castle While playing with some of our friends {that happen to be boys..} Parker and Jolie were really into the play tower and little people that went along with it.  They would totally love this thing!  Its a little more on the girlie side than the race cars- but they wouldn't mind a difference at this age.  
Bead Maze Cube We also picked one of these up for the girls after watching them play hard with one similar at the doctors office.
Leap Frog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket  Parker and Jolie are really into sharing and bringing things to you- and they especially feel fabulous about themselves when you tell them 'thank you' or 'good job' in your most enthusiastic voice.  Food has been the most recent sharable.  If they are eating Cheerios, well, so are you.  Seems only fit to give these babies some {plastic} food, right?    
Wooden Chunky Puzzle Another activity we became interested in while playing with friends.  Parker's love of stacking and putting things in its place has not subsided, so puzzles are next on our list.  These in particular have the big wooden knob for a baby/toddler to grasp when piecing it together.

It wouldn't be a wish list without clothing and accessories, now would it?  They are my little ladies after all, you know.

Tiny TOMS Because nothing is sweeter than Tiny TOMS.  Ok.. maybe the Tiny TOMS on tiny baby feet.  Swoon.
Sweater Dress  I love a good sweater dress, and of course, so do Parker and Jolie.  This one is so super cute and soft, too!    
Pom-Pom Hat My girls have no hats {fail} and the weather has been pretty chilly these days.  Throw a pom on anything and its precious.  Plus, I am inadvertently developing an outfit here.. I can't even.  
Comfy Tee While I die when my girls are in the prettiest of dresses, something comfy is just as cute.  I am not into the character clothing.. or the super baby pink pink pink.  I do have girls, but they can wear other colors.  And they do!  This top is casual, but can be dressed up with the perfect bow and jegging.
Jameson Monroe Speaking of the perfect bow.. among my favorite places to buy from is JM.  I am definitely into the bows on my babies' heads.  I mean- The girls have two Thanksgiving bows.  Definitely necessary.  No outfit is complete without a bow from JM {or any of my other favorites} slapped on P&J's head.    
Leggings  Do these come in my size?  Obsessed with the print..and obsessed with the price! Carter's is really stepping up their game with this season's clothes.  Diggin' the boutique style of some of their items.
Jammies I recently discovered my obsession with baby jammies.  After looking at my Gap shopping cart.. and Carters.. and Target..  95% of the cart is jammies.  I suppose that my babies do need to have wearable attire when going outside the house.  But jammies are just too darn sweet!  
Minnetonka Shearling Boots Like mother like daughter{s}.  Totally sharing my love for Minnetonka with my minis!

Last but not least.. our perfect Gent and his wish list is whats to come!


Cortney said...

Those tiny TOMS and sweater dress are adorable, although I would expect nothing less since your girls always look so cute!

Samantha said...

You will make great use out of the wagon with twins! I found it a lot easier to bring my girls to the playground in the wagon than the stroller when they were your girls' age.

Monica H. said...

I found a bag of 100 ball pit balls at Walmart for $12 a couple months ago. They've held up very well. Love the teepee idea!

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