Because It's Tuesday..

..and my babies are incredibly precious..
..and while I'm never one to gloat about my successes..
..I We made some {really} cute kiddos..
..and I am stuck at work missing those little bits like mad..
..and my sweet Parker has a shocking impression of Tierra's {the Tierra-ble} eyebrow expression..
..but, she is much cuter..
..with much, much more sparkle than that basket-case will ever have..
..and Jolie just melts me on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis..

Something to make you smile on this Tuesday:) 



Sarah Tucker said...

Their "sparkle" makes me sparkle. Haha! This is just what I needed today! Love these two...and seriously, how many adorable expressions can two babies have?! Xoxo!

Megan. OneFifteenDanville. said...

Oh my goodness! They make the silliest faces! Keep sparkling away girls! ;)

Jocelyn said...

Seriously?! Their expressions are to die for! I want to eat them up ;)

& your Tierra-ble comment made me chuckle! So, so true!

Happy Tuesday!!

The Joiners said...


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Love them! And love you! Your girls are precious! Way more precious than the Tierra-ist

Mandy said...

I seriously enjoyed every last word of this blog and you have every single reason to gloat! I am proud to say that our little arrangement is going to end w my handsome little devil having two gorgeous little bombshells on each arm ;)

LOVE IT & little Park & Joliepolie!

Brianne Bracco said...

I LOVE every single spark of personality that is in every one of their photos! Beautiful baby girls. Perfect post just cause it's Tuesday :)

Rachel said...

Just found your blog and what precious babies you have :) My baby girl is about a month older than them. I hope you're loving this mommy thing as much as I am :)

Amy B. said...

It's so crazy how Parker looks JUST LIKE you and Jolie (love that name) looks JUST LIKE her dad. They are both too, too cute!

Faith said...

I have almost four month old twin girls and my friend passed along your blog to me. Your girls are just precious. Isn't being a twin mommy the best?!?

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