The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bed rest has prevented me from doing a lot of things.  A lot of things I could most definitely list here, and with violins playing, you could feel sorry for me.  

I'll spare you.

One thing that was really getting me down was the fact that December is approaching and I have in no way the ability to decorate my house for Christmas.  Jordan LOVES this time of year, but literally scoffs at the idea of getting the house ready for celebration (demands nothing be displayed before Thanksgiving.)  Last year I gleefully decorated while Jordan was at the fire station and he came home to fall in love with our twinkling home.  I remember being particularly jolly in the holiday spirit while watching Toddlers and Tiaras and drinking hot chocolate.  Both pair well together, you know- but what occasion doesn't go with hot chocolate?  

This year, Bree and Roy came over Friday afternoon after Thanksgiving to help Jordan get our new house in the Christmas spirit.  I was SO excited!  Bree usually comes over to help me with garland decorating and leaves the tree up to me- but this year she did all of it.  How awesome is she?  We are both so SO thankful she is and has been eager and willing to help us through these past months with me on bed rest.  While Jordan and Roy scoured the roof tops with outside lighting, Bree and I enjoyed a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel and decorated the inside.  After the boys were finished we ordered pizza and hung out a little longer to enjoy the well-lit living room.  It was a great way to start the weekend.  

Jordan and I went with the tall and skinny this year.  I love our 9-footer.
Garland over the hutch in the kitchen 
I love my gold spaaaakly reindeer.  
The night effect 
One thing I could do while sitting down?  Fill my glass canisters with Christmas Cheer
After completing the tree and the garland decor, we ran out of 'supply' the do the mantle justice.  Plus,  pizza had arrived and we were all starved- so the mantle was at the back of my mind.  I was beside myself with thanks to Bree already and was completely fine with just a little garland and twinkle for the time being.

On Monday afternoon Jordan and I walked into the house to this gorgeous mantle.  Bree had come over unannounced while we were out and finished what she had started a few days before- adding way more- to make it just perfect. Surprise:)
A couple weeks back, Ashley did a post about her and her hubby's favorite ornaments on their tree and explanation of reason for each selection.  Most were super sentimental and sweet.  

When I was going through our ornaments it got me to thinking about which were my favorites, and although we don't have many that have any meaning at all here are a few that I feel extra proud when hanging them on our tree.
1.) A glass fire truck Jordan's mom gave us in our first year of marriage.  I don't know why I adore this ornament so much, but I do.  It is actually broken on the other side, but I have kept it over several Christmas' and hide the broken part from view every year.
2.) Growing up, my late grandmother would give my brothers and I a keepsake ornament every year- and when it was time to decorate, we would separate our ornaments out and take responsibility for hanging our own before putting the rest of the ornaments on the tree.  My mom got Jordan and I this keepsake ornament for our first Christmas together as a married couple.  It's the only keepsake I have, and I love it for what it means, and for the memories it brings back from my childhood.
3.) Just because it is pretty.  I have a set of four: glass, green, hot pink, and red glitter decorated balls that I loveeee.  They are completely off on color scheme from the rest of my tree's decor, and I don't care one bit.
4.)  A couple years ago, Bree gave this ornament to us to hang on our own tree: Jordan's First Christmas.  I've been searching and searching for the perfect ornaments for the girls and have yet to find anything I like well enough. 

My posted picture via Instagram (masseya) after Bree was finished.

I love this time of year- and all the festivities that come along with it.  I was so excited to hear Christmas music booming out of the stereo system in the garage on Friday afternoon while Jordan and his dad worked outside.  The hubby and I share a serious love for Christmas music.  An obsession with this holiday album  started last year with his appearance on the Michael Buble Christmas Special.. and will for sure continue into this year. 

I have yet to get Jordan to allow me to plug in my Bieber playlist while driving..  I'll let you know when that status changes.     


Sarah Tucker said...

Love the mantle! And the tree...and everything else!

Ali G said...

Everything looks absolutely beautiful! How nice of your mother in law to do that! I just found the Michael Buble Christmast album, its amazing! Happy Holidays to you! :)

Darcy Potter said...

Love, Love, everything! I will be pinning your decor because it is so pretty :) Are you on Pintrest? I would love to follow your pins! Hope you are feeling well! Hugs, Darcy

Elizabeth said...

Have you looked at etsy for first year ornaments? I got my daughter this one last year...


The Dunaways said...

Bieber.. BIEber... BIEBER!! I miiiiight have listened to the cd on repeat on my way to Orlando... Tell Jordan not to judge! ;)

Mrs. Lee said...

Where did you get your hutch? I'm obsessed!

Meredith said...

Your house looks gorgeous!! I love all of it! And while I'm not a Bieber fan, I definitely love the Michael Buble Christmas cd--we have it on repeat at our house. :) One more week!! So excited for you guys!

Maureen W. (Maryland) said...

Your house looks beautiful! The girls are going to love all of those twinkly lights!! I can't believe how soon they are going to be here. You have done an AMAZING job growing them and taking care of yourself. XOXO

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