Rangers Game Day with My Favorites

About a month or so back, the Supper Club Crew decided it was time for an outing to the ballpark. Chris and some of his super fun co-workers put together a tailgate.. well, more like an event for the morning before the game at noon on Saturday.  Upon our arrival, Jordan and I were relieved to see the Cabrera's huddled under a big tent because.. it was raining!  But that didn't stop these people. The Breakfast Tailgating Event was on full blast- eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, and sweet cakes.  Just as breakfast was ready- seriously- the rain passed, and all was right in the world again when I had a tortilla on my plate, ok- two tortillas on my plate, mounded with all the savory goodness called breakfast.  You know me?  You know I LOVE, adore, live for breakfast food.   Sadly I failed at my usual picture taking abilities.  FAIL.  But- Ash got some really cute ones

Me and Jordan cozied with Ashley before the game- doesn't she look preshhh in her Rangers hat?  Love it! I was jelly I didn't have a hat to wear- the weather was just not cooperating with the hair.   
 My sweet- can't get enough of him!
I heart the DWay's- and I also adore the 'best Rangers shirt ever created.'   
 My best friends- minus one :(  Jacqueline-We missed you and Trav! 
 The view from up top.  We were pretty high up- but I loved our seats- I could see everything! 
 What a great day with friends- can't wait for a repeat (with the Tapella's, of course!)

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Jacqueline and Travis said...

Looks like yall had a great time! So sad we missed it:( I love the pics!

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