Memorial Day Business

Last weekend Jordan and I kicked off a super fun-filled Memorial Day weekend with a Tailgate at the Ballpark. The Dunaway's and the Massey's decided (semi) last minute to head out on Friday night to watch our favorite baseball team win it big.

I say 'semi last minute' because, well, Ash and I are slightly obsessed with our Texas team.  Hence the necessity of a new t-shirt every time we attend a game.  Our hubbies don't buy into our case on most occasions- but I came home to this shirt laying on the bed and Jordan telling me that I 'will wear it and I'll like it!' 
Jordan slightly resembling a goofball in this picture.  Not sure what he was going for in this picture.. but our boys were twinkies in blue.

Jarrett- manning the 'grill'.  There were some serious hamburgers on that little thing.  Thank goodness there was a fireman there to switch the gas on and off.. tehe!

Ashley and Jarrett

My sweet husband..  No problem sharing his beverage in the first picture.. but decided to hide it in this one :)

Game time.. It was a SOLD OUT game- making for a fun outing at the ballpark.  

I do believe this was moments before I witnessed my very first grand slam!  SWEET!

And Hamilton did not disapoint- his home run hit was about 5.7 seconds after I took this picture.

Looking a bit sweltered.  It wasn't miserably hot, the sun went down and a cool breeze kept the 90 degree evening bearable.   
Love my girl.

Who goes to the ball park and resists this chilly temptation?  
I ate the entire thing.  

The Rangers pulled out a big win 14-1.  We stayed and watched a bit of the Fireworks show at the end- even with our hubbies complaining to go.. Ashley and I were determined.

Rangers game to kick off the weekend- Saturday was spent out at the Collins' with some other fireman friends for a Crawfish Boil.  Sadly there were no pictures to prove.. my attention was on the crawfish, 'sucking my first crawfish head' like a true 'hillbilly' (as I was told..) and the 13 innings and 2 run walk-off courtesy of none other than Hamilton.

Sunday we spent the entire day laying by the pool at the Tapella's with the Cabrera's and Dunaway's- I know Jacqueline did good about taking pictures, but me and my float were too comfortable to make any moves to snap a few.

Monday both Jordan and I were home from work- our day consisted a lot of laying around, Friends, Saved by the Bell, and napping an hour or two at a time.  The Massey's came for dinner and ended our great three day weekend.

When's my next mini-vaca?  I didn't get enough time in my PJs..

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