High Five For Friday

Yes- I totally missed last week.  Laziness had become me, and well- I forgot.  Even CB, my love and adoration has fallen by the wayside last week ( well, yeaa.. and this week!)

But never fear- I'm back on track.  I have plenty of time today to make some progress on recipe analysis and posting.  Back to my High Five..

1.  Last weekend Jordan and I spent the day by the pool with our sweet friends, the Williams.  No pictures, I'm afraid. Boo for me.  After our day in the sun we headed out to the Feild's house for their annual Wet'N'Wildwood party (Wildwood is the name of their street!)  So much fun!  We had a blast with them, and the rest of our community group.  Pictures to come!

2.  This week I convinced my husband to follow my lead through Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and any other craft/hobby store you can think of.  I was determined to complete my first ever Pinterest project, and he was going to help me :)  We ended up making at stop at Lowe's, too.  So he didn't mind, too terribly much.  I was a lot of fun working on this project with him- He actually really enjoyed it, so I was glad for that.  I'll post our 'project' soooooon! 

3.  How much do I love getting my hair done.. Like A LOT.  I typically start looking forward to my time with Deb over a week in advance.  I know- I'm serious.  Driving from Fort Worth to Coppell every 6 weeks it worth it.  My hair is gooood and pretty on this Friday.

4.  Not too sure how you'll see my number 4 as a 'high', but it was.

On my way home from getting my hair done in Coppell I was driving about 76mph on George Bush and nearly flipped.  Nearly.  My tire blew.  and when I say blew- it wasn't a little flat- their was a 12 inch HOLE in my tire.  What the heck? So how is this a high?  Well.. my tire blew, I stopped on the side of the toll road (thank goodness for the oversized shoulder!) about 40 feet from the exit to 183 in Irving.  This exit happens to be about 2 miles from the station where Jordan works.  AND.. he just happened to be working that day!  So.. lights and sirens they came- and changed my tire.  What could have potentially been a disaster ended up being a blessing- ripped/shredded tires and all! 

5.  This afternoon and into the evening Jordan and I will be spending it's entirety cheering the Rangers on with our favorites- the Dunaway's.  So excited!  Another plus?  Fireworks show at the end!  Ashley and I are such suckers for the 'little kid' excitement.  A ZOO trip is in order soon, I think.  I hear there is a new baby orangutan.  Yes.. it is a must. 

So ready for this weekend!  It is a long one with the holiday on Monday, and I need a break!  Jordan and I have some fun things planned- I'll keep you posted next week!


The Dunaways said...

Zoo is defi a must.. I have a whole list of things started :) see you this afternoon!

Kate - Classy Living said...

So glad to hear that you weren't seriously hurt in your tire incident the other day. Enjoy your relaxing weekend! xoxo

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