High Five for Friday

1. My morning coffee.
Seems so normal and not worth adding to my top 5 for this week, but for whatever reason it made me so happy to have it.  I guess that fact that I don't have to take the 8 minutes (I don't often have) to get it all ready when I'm running flying out the door, makes me even more happy about it. Jordan is so sweet and so wonderful- he gets my coffee all ready for me before he leaves every morning- just requiring that I push the button to brew.  How amazing is he?  This is what I walk in to every morning before work.  Creamer measured out and all :)  Totally worth being a part of my top 5. 

2. Free hair product!

Among the slew of marketing emails I peruse through each morning as part of my to-do's first thing was an email from Beauty Brands.    The email this morning included a coupon for free hair product.  Hello.  Sign me up.  I'm always into trying something new on this crazy mop.  They must have known I was in need of more guts and had planned to make a trip this week, anyway- and now making my trip even more worthwhile with this coupon.  My free gift(s) included two travel sized items from the ABBA line of hair products; Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion, and Firm Hold Hairspray.  My devotion to Kenra has not changed as of late, so I think I'll leave the hairspray in my desk at work- but the lotion was a great find!  My hair was super sleek, and needed little flat iron support after my morning blow-dry, tease, and spray routine. One more thing.. Redken products were buy one, get one 50% off.  Suh-weet.  What a great day :)

3. Summer Colors.
While shopping for hair products, I can't ever seem to help myself from making a beeline straight for the huge selection of nail polish.  The variety of colors make me giddy.  Almost like that same feeling after getting a new toy when you're 12.  Nail polish does it for me.  That and lip gloss.  I almost love nail polish as much as I love/adore/can't live without/need desperately in my life lip gloss.  Currently I have a make-up bag in my purse housing 7 varietys. I'm a snob for the Victoria's Secret brand.  So- nail polish.  PINK is so very summery- and I love this one: Shorts Story.  I say my picture is true pinterest style.
4.  Kelly Day

Thursday was Jordan's normal day to work- but was off for the day with nothing to do, so I took a half day at work and spent it hanging out with my sweet.  At the fire department he gets what they call a 'Kelly Day'.. every ninth shift he gets a paid shift off, something to do with overtime.. yaddda, yadda.. all I know is that he is home- and so I should be, too!   We went to lunch and spent the entire afternoon together.  We had a great day :) Excuse the sleepy eyes- I had just gotten up from a 2 hour nap.  Nice and snuggley- Jordan was so sweet and let me nap.  When I finally woke I had decided I didn't have to eat- I was a happy duck in my bed :) Even though you can't nitice too well- my hair was soft and shiny- thank you Abba!

5.  We Got GAS.
Our loft-living got better this week with the installation of a gas grill!  These brand new apartments had a charcoal grill.  Just one.  What the heck is that?  I guess they finally took the opportunity and had the much more convenient gas put in- and J and I took advantage!  Dinner on Thursday was delish!  Grilled chicken was on the menu- well, actually a make shift Chicken Cordon Bleu, but without the stuffing on the inside, rather than it being on the outside!  Stay tuned for a recipe to follow at CB!

While we were doing our own grilling- we enjoyed the live music from this hot spot, here.  Apparently on Thursday nights this is the place to be in Fort Worth.  Pretty sure they 'out-smelled' our grilled chicken.  But thats fine- this place is amazing, anyway! 

Happy Friday to you!! What's your High Five?  Link up with Lauren From My Grey Desk!

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Kati - Incorporating Color said...

There's something about grilling that just screams that it's summertime! Sounds like you had a great week - happy weekend! :)

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