That past Thursday was Jordan's 29th birthday- and we celebrated with an evening out- just the two of us
He worked at the station on Wednesday- I had a treat for him when he got home Thursday morning- YUMMY caramel and chocolate cuppy cake from Market Street's bakery.  DELISH.
Thursday evening we treated ourselves to at Hoshi Hibachi and Sushi.  Much to my surprise- after his visit to Sushi Zushi, and then a restaurant at our resort in Mexico..and again in College Station, J has become quite the sushi lover.  Eating sushi was once something I could do only on dinner dates with girlfriends- but now I can share a roll with my sweet :)  SWEET.
Dinner was delicious..can't wait to go back! This place was so close to our house, too.
Jordan all smiles with his Volcano Roll- so good!
After dinner we went to see a movie- Unknown.  Pretty good- spent most of the movie a little confused, and I was happy to know Jordan was, too!  It was such a perefct night with my sweet man.

Friday I took off work so we could spend time together- we had a busy weekend ahead of us (more blogging to come!) and I didn't want his birthday to be left in the dust.  Jordan was under the impression that we were going to breakfast that morning- up until the doorbell rang... Two massage therapists were there to provide us with a couple's massage, right in our living room!!  My jaw-dropped husband quickly tranisitioned to excitement as we relaxed for an hour of silence, right in the comfort of our own home. 

Needless to say- he had a great birthday- and I had just as much fun planning it for him :)  Love you, my sweet (29 year old) fireman!

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