A Martini Masquerade

Moving right along to April 16th, We celebrated Ashley and Jarrett with a Martini Masquerade themed couple's shower.  Our Supper Club friends were the perfect hosts- thinking of every detail- right down to the most creative Bride and Groom masks!  
Green Apple-tini's and Ashley's favorite- Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini
Jambalaya and various Fat Tuesday cuisine filled our bellies:)
Love these hostesses :)  Jacqueline, Baby Boy T, and Diana
The Guests of Honor
Ashley with her some of her best girls..That mask on my face left me looking like I had been beaten with a bat.  The blue rubbed off onto my cheeks and nose..grrrr..
My Supper Club girls..and this was the last picture I got before dropping my precious camera.  Not a scratch on it- but the darn thing wont even turn on.  SICK, sick about it. :(
The Bridesmaids (minus Lo..poor girl was traveling for work)
MOH Katie and Amber
Now.. what Mardi Gras party wouldn't be complete without a King Cake.. Jarrett found the baby :)  The Tapella's and Cabrera's decided on the award for the individual the found the King Cake Baby.. kick off  karaoke.  Jarrett was the lucky man.. clearly seen here pleading his case.
 His pleading did not work.... Madonna's Material Girl was the song of choice.
 And it turned into quite the entertaining show
What could be better than these pictures??  Oh... a video. :)

Our turn next..sorry, no video- that I've seen anyway.
We giggled our way through Britney Spears, our second choice after we realized Spice Girls was not an option.
 Ashley and her proud parents- love me some Scott and Deb  :)
 Beautiful Masked Ladies of the night. 
 WHAT and AWESOMELY fun shower :)  Hard laughs, karaoke, dancing, and good company.  The fun isn't over, yet.. T-minus 2 days until our girls gettaway to Austin! 

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