A Prize, or Two

Not quite sure how I end up getting to this point.. a month with no posting to my sweet little blog.  How neglected it must feel?  I read plenty..but find a hard time keeping up with my own.  So.. Whats new with this Massey crew..

Last week I was surprised to have recieved a complimentary issue of Simple and Delicious Magazine.  I apparently won a place as runner up in their Citrus Recipe Contest for my Salsa Roja.  If you do not place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you don't get a phone call..but I did win a year long subscription to this Taste of Home sub-magazine :)  AND I still ran through the door from the mailbox yippee-ing, and hoot'n'holler-ing.  Causing increased rolling of my husband's eyes.  I happen to consume my semi-homemade salsa by the gallon on a weekly basis (ok- with help from Jordan..and I must confess, I haven't made it in awhile..) It is nice to be acknowledged by someone other than my precious husband about how wonderful my cooking is. (Insert slight sarcasm here)

I also placed in a slow-cooker recipe contest in the Taste of Home August/September 2010 issue for my BBQ Chicken Baked Potatoes :) This recipe went in their 2011 Taste of Home Annual Recipes cookbook- which I got as a freebie as well. 

Chocolate Broccoli seems to be doing quite well for herself-I think there is prize monies on it's way for a recipe contest I just received notice for..  ;)

Pretty neat-o, right?  I think so, anyway..

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