Finishing Strong

Last week was..well..cold and plain typical for Texas weather.  For three days temps barely reached 20 degrees and resulted in freezing rain and horrible road conditions due to ice.  And then there was the slow rides to work, relying on the man in my life to drive me to and from the quiet (and empty) hospital ..but it did allow us to share our morning cup of Joe together. (Ahem, I would secretly take snow if it promises that sweet Jordan will drive me) 

Friday, I woke to 6 inches of snow outside.  So, I patiently waited for Jordan to arrive home from the fire station so we could share a cup of coffee on the way to take me to work :) OnThursday night, I thought it beneficial to park on the street because our driveway is so steep and was an ice rink-impossible to pull out onto without losing control and landing in the living room of the people we share the alley with.  This provided little relief..my tires were a good 2 inches underneath frozen ice on the street.

 Our backyard :)  Kind of resembles the 12.5 inches we got last February..
 These would be the neighbors I mentioned before.  They probably wouldn't appreciate a vehicle interrupting the morning news. (I'm standing in the middle of my garage..eye level to the top of the tree, if that can paint a picture of how steep our driveway is..)
After a somewhat of a lazy Saturday of un-thawing and cooking/prep for the week-Sunday we invited John, Jessica, and Prego over to watch the big Super Bowl game. I think Prego was quite comfy in my hubby's lap for the majority of the game.

We cooked up a delicous meal (aside from my scalloped potato disaster of a side dish) and we topped off the evening with dessert courtesy of the Wingfield's: Rocky Road covered candied apples.  
Not quite the 'action' shot I was going for, John..but really don't expect anything less from you, Goofy.  We love you, anyway.
Finishing my weekend with great laughter and even better friends never fails in leaving me fully prepared and ready for a great week ahead.
 Go..Packers?  Yea..I think we were going for Green Bay. 

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