Snowed..errr ICE-D In

This morning I woke up to another crazy shift in weather (it is 17 degrees out there according to Fox 4 News), complete with school and business closings as well as the intermitent shutting down of the 635 overpass- that would be the key component to my morning commute. Jordan was awake at 5am with me this morning, getting ready for his 24 hour shift at the fire station.  He insisted that I stay home, twisting my arm and hiding my keys.  Ok..not that extreme.  "Do you think you can stay home today since I can't drive you?" ... "Yes." That was the end of it.  I had a rather rough day yesterday, and the sheet of ice covering my driveway leaving me trapped in my garage couldn't have had better timing.  God has His way, and I'm so thankful for that.

So, what do I do at 6am? I couldn't possibly go back to sleep, I was halfway ready for work before I decided to stay home.  After last week's 4 days of ice/snow and the overkill of news coverage, I would say that I'm over the news. Over it.  After washing my half-done face clean, I adorned some of Jordan's old hunting thermals and made myself comfortable in our bed next to my Jellybean (My 7 year old stuffed purple Build-A-Bear Jordan gave me while we were still dating- can't sleep without it..pretty sure she made the trip on our honeymoon, too!)  Flipping through channels I remembered Jess telling me that she watched Saved by the Bell before work one day- umm, hello..FAVorite show ever.  As tacky as the 80's show can be, it will never get old.
So..SBTB kept me awake and entertained for an hour, enjoying every minute of it while I drank my coffee. (Weekdays on TBS @ 7am) I plan on continuing my day with Fresh Prince, Full House, King of Queens, Friends, and a plethora of various Food Network favorites.

Looking forward to my 'snow day'.  Hope you are staying warm, too!

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