Almost Missed It

For Christmas my sweet mother-in-law absolutely spoiled me.  I mean it.  I'm actually still is squirming with excitement to think about all of the thoughtful gifts I recieved. One in particular has unexpectedly become my favorite.  Three words..MAC Paint Pot. If you have a remote clue what I am talking about- I could end this post right now and provide justice to this product- but for sake of others who have not yet had the privalege to hear/see/sample this make-up product- I will continue on.  This gift sat in it's box for about 4 days after Christmas.. partly because I didn't work up the energy to put on clothes, let alone makeup. And the other part is because I was almost scared to use it!  I didn't know what it was for.  I found out through a random text from MIL, Bree.  She must have had the 'Mom' radar up and knew I was avoiding her gift.  She told me that she used it for priming her eyelids before application of eyeshadow.  Hummmm.  Okay.  I'll try. What in the world was I waiiiitttting on?! 

This stuff works wonders. I have mine in Painterly, a creamy nude beige color, but they are also available in a wide variety of other colors, not all for the way I use it.. most have color and are meant to be long lasting.
The paint pot preps your lids for the eyeshadow you are about to apply--intensifying the color of your shadows, making them super vibrant. Taking less time to apply because your first swipe of the brush was enough. (May save you money, too!  Less eyeshadow = longer lasting!)  I've also noticed that it keeps the eye makeup you’re wearing in place, preventing creases, and looking great all day!

Hopefully you will find this product as wonderful as I do!  I am really dissapointed in myself for even the contemplation of returning it.  Thanks, Bree for my fabulous gift!

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