Catching Up..

It has been a couple weeks since I last posted, about quite a memorable evening- shout out to the ever-so-handsome M. Buble. :)  Not a whole lot of exciting anything has been going on.  I guess the most important news to share would be that our sweet little house is on the market and waiting to be snatched up by the perfect family.  It is bittersweet, seeing as though we have put in so much work and effort to make our house a home.  But, then there is the excitement of deciding where we want to plant our roots and raise the future(expanded) Massey family.  I have also come to realize that this is also somewhat of a burden- it is a huge decision!
 Outside of that, our lives have just been busy, busy with new jobs, househunting, and spending time with friends.  Hailey's wedding shower (..one that I have taken on by myself..) is coming up, and I feel like I am constantly seeking out little details for it- I love it!  :)  Then there is my new job at Arlington Memorial.  Still learning the ropes of everything- it is much different that any hospital that I have worked at or rotated through prior to now.  That is the best way I can put it...

And then there is Daphnee..crazy Daph.  We take joy in promoting her craziness to make us laugh.  My Dad would use the phrase "he is not a clown.." when John and I would make Sam laugh or be silly when he was a wittle bitty baby :)  Well, Dad, until a little Massey makes a debut, Daphnee is our clown!  She is obsessed with the water hose and her yellow tennis ball.  We have to hide them anytime we are not playing with them.

Our pretty girl!

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