A Night with a Crooner

Last night the hubby and I went to the Michael Buble concert--and what a concert it was!!!  I cannot believe I have never been to one of his shows.  I have been missing out BIG time.  Anyway, tickets went on sale in February, and for Valentine's Day, Jordan was a sweetie and bought some for the show.  I completely forgot about them until late last week and Jordan reminded me :)  We had GREAT seats with perfect view of Mr. Buble's beautiful face..get ready for a tribute to him (lots of pictures!!)
Why, hello, handsome.
 I'll save the last dance for you anytime..
 He came out into the middle of the arena- walking right through the masses of screaming women...and took us all Home
His bandmates were amazing as well.  I could hardly sleep last night replaying the evening in my head!!

Waving to our side of the crowd :)
 Crazy Lovin' it up

I actually had no idea how HILARIOUS he is.  J and I laughed so so hard through the entire show.  MB made sure that the AAC was not just a concert, but a huge party.  His 'security' allowed for pretty much anything and everything but getting on stage with him. We danced in the aisle and hit jumbo beach balls through the audience after he professed his love for the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Oh, still remembering the night :) 

MB also confessed that as a child he wanted to be like Michael- Michael Jackson, that is.. here he is doing his impression :) 

Please excuse my embarrassing laughter- You can hear Jordan laughing, too, which makes my laugh out loud as I'm posting this. What a great night!  When and where do I buy tickets for the next show?!

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sara said...

Never heard of him .. but you all had a good time that is what is important.


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