Trip to the Hill Country

After graduating internship, Jess and I had about a week before we had to start our 'real' jobs.  We discussed and searched for cheap-o trips, but couldn't find anything worthwhile to spend money on.  Then somehow we came up with Fredericksburg :)  Mr. Wingfield had never been, so it was a no brainer!

Tuesday we loaded up in Jordan's truck and headed out for the Hill Country!  Little to no rain before we left..

Eating at Stonwall's in Llano the night we arrived.

Sweet Wingfield's

We were dead set on finding a place with a pool- all we wanted was to wear our suits and be lazy for the week.. None in actual Fredericksburg had anything that was nice enough available due to the last minute trip planning (We booked Friday and left on Tuesday.)  So, we decided on the Walden Plantation in Llano, about 40 miles outside of the FBurg.  Best decision! It had a gorgeous pool and hot tub..and the place was just beautiful- I mean, look!

Our pets for the week

The next day we headed to town for shopping and fun.  The weather wasn't too shabby at this point, lots clouds and a breezy 80 degrees (but humid as all get out!).  After lunch we stopped in at Wildseed Farm to look at the peeeeety flowers and such- and then it POURED. 
 In front of the huge and gorgeous sunflower field- post-raining cats and dogs.
 Love this girl- so many memories already made!
 One of the many Massey-Wingfield dinners to be had- The Cabernet Grill
The next day in between raining and wind- we decided it would be smart to take the Kayaking Trip down the Llano river that the B&B sat on.  4 miles of river ahead of us, we jumped in our 'boats' for the trip..it started to rain..  This was before we tumped- my fault, and we couldn't stop laughing. :)

Awe- cute! This wasn't planned, I'm pretty sure of that.. So, 3.5 hours later, a couple trips into the water, 8 lost $7 beers, and arms of Jell-O, we made it back to the Plantation.

On to dinner on our last night- a seafood restaurant on Llano- not to shabby, but definitly not the best seafood ever :)

After the four hour trip home on Friday, in the rain, we were glad to be back in the Big D. Although SO tired of the wet weather, days of laughter with super fun friends was such a good way to spend my little 'break' before starting my new job-- As a Dietitian!!!! :)  Go ME! 

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