Celebration of the Future Webb's

Finally this day has finally come (and gone..)  This shower has been at the top of my list of 'Things to Do' for the past, oh..I don't know..3 months.  Whew- it was a doozy, but it was fab, if I do say so myself :)  Thankful, OH SO Thankful for Miss Bree Massey..Jess Wingfield, and my sweet, sweet fireman.  He is wounderful and pretty much-I point and he follows (except into Banana Republic or Anthropology.  I can never get him to do the whole point, follow, and purchase thing, but I'm getting smarter.)
 The Spread..courtesy of Moi, and help from super MOL (Justin's Mom).  Cake was a replica of a 'cha-cha' dress :)  Way to go Macy Lambert!
 Oh yes, we had a pinata..complete with candy and all
 Jordan man-ing the grill.  He did such a GREAT job on the fajitas.  MMMMMmmmm.
 Hailey (Bride) and her precious family

 Justin (Groom) with Momma and friend
 The Host and Hostess..because we love Hailey (& Justin) so, so much
 One of my GREATest friends.  So happy to be apart of her special day and all those leading up to it!

Party shot
 Best 'ritas I ever drank
 Our future marriage 'communication' activity
 We got a big kick out of watching them hit (or miss..mostly miss!) that pinata

Present time!!  I'm sure their favorite time!  They were good sports and wore the sombreros.
 Hailey with her Maid (Brittany) and Matron (ME!)

Forever Friends, for sure :)  So excited to have watched Hailey and Justin through their entire relationship..and having that conversation with Hailey over 2 years ago.. Making sure she knew I thought he was THE one.  Good Job, Rella.
 It was hot. We were all sweaty- but it was so much fun!!!  Now..time to get back to that studying mess. 

Almost over :)

Oh..ONE last thing.  Freaking RSVP literally means: Répondez S'il Vous Plaît.  This is French: Reply, If You Please.  A VERY commonly seen request for events such as a wedding shower.  Just sayin'.

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The Dunaways said...

Turned out PERFECT lovie!!! You're such an amazing friend! <3

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