Brittany Gets a Haircut

Brittany has been in desperate need of a haircut! A couple years ago, Jordan bought proffesional clippers so he could do it himself, instead of taking her every so often and paying a pretty penny when he can make her look just as good at home! Brittany was a furball and sheading her winter coat all over the house, the furniture, our clothes, the car, our bedroom..any room for that matter. We were swimming in Brittany hair. Anyway..she was cut and now she is a skinny little puppy! Thank goodness :)

The Pre cut FUR BALL!!

Aww Mom, stop with the pictures.

Jordan concentrating very hard on getting her cut just right!

Our pretty girl relaxing in the chilly grass after she was cut

I love to see her freckles..you can't see them unless she is cut short
SO happy for no more HAIR!

Ready to go to dinner at Bree and Roy's house :)

Silly girl and her main squeeze. She LOVES her some Jordan..me too ;)


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Bobby and Dani said...

I have never seen Brittany before. She's beautiful. It was good to see you at Kara's shower. Bobby and I have a blog. www.bobbyanddani.blogspot.com

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