It's finally here!!!

Market Street in Coppell FINALLY opened!!!! WOO-HOO! For months I have been waiting and watching and waiting some more for this wonderful store to open its doors for me, and this week, the wait was over!! My sweet friend Diane and I went to lunch and then headed over the Market Street to check out the goods. Well, apparently, we were not the only ones excited to see this place open. There was not a single parking space to be found. The crazy masses of people made it a bit overwhelming, but still a fun experience. I ground my own honey roasted peanut butter and sampled some fresh sushi. It was GREAT! I am so pumped to have this place so close by...I was driving to Colleyville or Frisco to shop at this Whole Foods/Central Market style grocery store. Now it is within literally 5 minutes of my house. Ooo, this could be dangerous.Diane and I

We got lucky with parking in the first 10 rows of cars.

Me in front of Market Street



The Shull Family said...

It will change your life to live near a Market Street! Have fun shopping!

Mindy Rives said...

Hi Amber....you probably have no clue who I am...b/c I don't know who you are...but you've been on my list of people I might know on Facebook for the past few days...silly, I know. But I finally just clicked on your profile for the heck of it and noticed that we both know Jason and Tamra Walker. Small world. We have a couple other friends in common as well. I also checked out your blog...it's super cute. I'm a avid blogger as well. www.mindyrives.blogspot.com. My husband and I live in Coppell too. We ventured over to Market Street this past weekend for the first time and loved it! I'm so excited to have that place basically in our backyard! It's a great addition to Coppell! Sorry for the random comment...please don't think I'm stalking you! :) Have a great night!

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