Christmas in January

Over the holiday, Jordan's grandmother, MeMe, was ill with pneumonia and was hosptialized for one week at 'Big' Baylor and then came across the street to see me at Baylor Specialty for Pulmonary Rehab for about 2 weeks. We were supposed to have the Massey Christmas on the Sunday before, but since she was sick, we postponed it until last weekend. We had our Christmas at MeMe and Grandad's house in Dallas where there was an amazing spread of food and presents for the kiddos. We had a great time and we were all glad to have it, even if it was almost a month late :)
Girl cousins
Roy and David being SO silly...
My favorites, Jennifer and Melanie
Sisters, Bailey and Lauren. These girls have grown so very much!
Jenna, Jennifer, Me and Mel


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