Weekend with Nana + Duke

another weekend, another road trip! this time we headed south to visit my mom and dad for a long weekend.  my mom works for a large hotel company, so we bank on our hotel stay anytime we visit. we arrived Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the pool!  the temps have been hitting the 90's but the water is still freezing so while the girls and their dad took their first official dip of the summer season, I hung out in the chairs with my mom and Brady.
its no secret that I'm obsessed with all things kortni jeane!  mama+mini high waisted suits for the win!  I also cannot get over how amazing this off the shoulder top is- I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on and it offered so much support! I'm also loving the tie up front bottoms.. the wrap+knot combo covers the "c section shelf" you can clearly see through my bathing suit.  it is much worse after my third csection- hoping some cardio will tighten it up a bit! until then.. I'll be wrapping it up as best I can:)
babes!!  Baker was having the best time! 
 we went back to my parent's house and my mom made spaghetti, which I am still thinking about TODAY, and then pigged out on homemade chocolate chip cookies!  Jolie always dives nose first into my mom's collection of stuffed animals and Parker helps herself to the cat toys while said cat hides for the three days we visit.    
f r i d a y
 Friday morning my mom and I took the big girls to get pedicures.  growing up, my mom and I went to the nail salon often.. one of the only "mother-daughter" things we ever did.  I have been taking the twins since they were Baker's age and they always have the BEST time!  this was the first time all four of us have gone and my mom was dying at the cuteness.
  we left the nail salon and spent another afternoon at the pool. 
and another KJ swimmer!  the styles of the top and bottom are still available, but I got them back in March and I am not sure if the pattern/color is an option still.  
Brady has been living in these sleeveless onesies from golden hill designs- Baker was my first summer baby and basically wore a different color everyday!  my favorite is the urban brown- goes with everything!  
ALSO.. check out my sunnies from diff eyewear!  how adorable for summer and I just cannot get enough!  
use code AMBER25 for a special 25% discount on your entire purchase! 
uncle pat made the trip as well and got there late afternoon:)
Parker + Jolie's swim suits HERE

 when we have visited, the big girls always stay with my parents while Jordan and I (Baker and now Brady, too) stay at the hotel just a short drive away. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but when I was kissing the girls goodnight I realized that the bed the girls sleep in at my parent's house is the same bed I slept in at my grandparent's house at their age.  
Saturday came and brought the rain.  we hung out at my parents house the entire day and my dad ended up pulling out old family photos. we drank coffee and snacked on my mom's chocolate chip cookies.. took naps and just didn't do a thing all day until we all went our for Mexican food on Saturday night.  
NOW we all know where my kids get their cheeks from!
 ..and can we just talk about how much this picture of me looks like Brady??!  I was shocked.. and how in the world did I not know I had so much hair when I was a babe?
s u n d a y 
saturday night Jolie started running a fever, so we took all the kiddos back to the hotel with us and made due with all these babies in one hotel suite.  thankfully Jolie's fever was short lived but it was actually a lot less chaotic and so much more fun than I thought it would be!
Brady snoozed the entire weekend in his dockatot and slept just as he did if we were home- yas!
we also have been using the nested bean swaddle and OHMUHGOSH its amazing.  I cannot speak enough great things about this swaddle!  I plan to do a full review very soon, but we love them!

 Brady's tank top HERE + leggings HERE
 find my diaper bag HERE + my favorite weekender HERE
 we grabbed coffee with my brothers just before we hit to road. I've got 13 years on Sam (on the left) and about 6 years on Patrick.. but they're not that little these days.
you can find my tee HERE + postpartum leggings HERE and my FAVorite sneakers HERE
 making the road for home we stopped for dinner and to stretch our legs.
pancakes + coffee (and a cheeseburger for Jo) on a Sunday night with my sweet crew of favorite people.
 second weekend in a row to be out of town and we are all thankful to be home for a bit to settle into summer! this week marks the last week of preschool for those big girls and we have many things planned for this summer- hoping we can fit it all in! 
can't wait for many more memories made with these kids and my hubby beside me.


Tola said...

Aww you and your family are so beautiful. You are one of my blogging mentor and I enjoy reading your post so much.


Laura Darling said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit! So glad you had a good time. I definitely see the resemblances in those baby pictures!

Chelsey S said...

Oh my gosh, I die over al the baby hair!! 😍😍 Sounds like you had a great weekend!


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