2nd Birthday Party Inspiration

SO, we're here.  Birthday.  SECOND birthday.  Parker and Jolie will be two in less than 3 months and I'm hardly able to believe it.  
How many times do I have to say that before it actually sinks in?

For the twins' first birthday we did a play on the winter months and hosted a Winter ONEderland {HERE}.  I had that 'bright idea' for months seeing that they were born in December, and it was perfect for their first birthday party.
This year I wanted to move away from that all together and have some fun with color. 

fuchsia, pink and yellow are the focus of the color scheme..
with a touch of purple here and there.
and because my name is Amber Massey there will probably be gold somewhere in there
..or everywhere.
This year I'm planning super girlie.  We aren't a bunch of girlie-girls up in here, and don't have a lot of pink in our wardrobe.  I'm not totally sure why I steer away from it.  I suppose I was so anti 'baby pink' when the girls were born that it has carried on into their second year.
But this will be good.  I'm embracing it, and totally loving the {pink} ideas that have been brought to the surface.
There was a focus on brunch-style foods last year, and this year will be similar, but definitely cutting down on the amount I'm going to offer and actually.. I'm serving breakfast.  Because breakfast is amazing. 
milk jugs {pinned source}
I'm tempted to go vintage {the theme: you'll just have to wait and see..}, and because my name is Amber Massey - vintage just might be the way to go.  Plus, it is 100% different than the themed style of Winter ONEderland.  

The girls and I have momma-daughter{s} matching outfits, with custom head bows to boot (why would you assume anything different?) and cannot wait to share breakfast (in bed?) with our sweet friends. Invites go out in just one month, so those were sent to the designer yesterday. 
I have a secret pin board that I'm spending way too much time on, and already dreaming out how I'm going to serve the 'buffet' table of breakfast-y foods.  

Let the party planning begin!  



Kristina Briones said...

You are so much fun and have the BEST ideas!! I can not wait to see the big reveal of what their party turns out to be. And the matching outfits... I die! So so cute. And I was thinking the same thing yesterday when you posted their 22 month post - 2 years already?! Crazy!

Annalee said...

I can't wait to see what you do! You really should have a side party planning business!

Laura Fairchild said...

Can NOT wait to see what you have planned.
My daughter turned one in August and I already have a theme picked out for her 2nd birthday...
I told myself, after that I'm done with the big birthdays. The next ones will be causal. Cake, ice cream and family... right. ;-)

Jenna Johnson said...

Love, Love, LOVE! I cannot wait to see their cute little party. I've been following your blog since the girls were born. I feel like time has flown by!

Heather said...

I plan my girls' parties the same way (with the secret pin board)! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Shawna B said...

oh my goodness - how fun would a little pyjama party be?! pillow fight and all??! Great idea for a breakfast party!

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