Weekend Happenings

This weekend went super quick to the point, per the usual of my two-day weekends. But- although quick, we spent it with fun friends and the sweetest littles on the planet!

Friday night was girls night at the Massey house!  Jordan was at the fire station, so it was just me and my babies to snuggle on the couch- and that we did..

In between the hilarities of this silly little lady.  99% I am laughing out loud at this one, and shes figured it out, too! She seems to do anything to get a rise out of momma, and then laughs about it.  The bottom left picture kills me- almost as if she was showing out sarcastically.
I came home to a couple packages on the porch and much to my surprise they were for me!  It was a perfect start to my weekend!!  I love getting snail mail:) 

Upon opening them I realized they were really for P&J.. but buying/getting things for them make me just as giddy as things for myself these days.  I am excited for the warmer weather and for these girls to be able to fit into these precious little outfits from my sweet friends Ashley and Renae- my girls are SO spoiled!
Saturday afternoon, this momma needed a shower and a good hair washing- so these girls were my bathroom buddies for the time being.  Usually I try and get it in during morning nap when they sleep for 2 1/2 hours, but missed the opportunity early in the day doing other things aroungd the house..

They thought it was hilarious when I would wipe the glass and talk to them from the shower.  Highly entertainable for Parker and Jolie.
Saturday evening we met Sarah and Chris at church, and of course these girls don't sleep as much any more and required to be held during the service and message.  Mickey Mouse and Friends to save the day?  Yes!  Until Jolie started {loudly} conversing with Donald Duck.  Jordan took her into the hallway until she got her wiggles out.
After church we went for Wood Fired Pizza and good conversation {that lasted 3 hours!} We love us some Tucker Time!   The girls particulaly love Sarah and Chris, too!
Sunday marked a very special day for a very special person in our lives:)  Ashley's hubby, Jarrett turned 30!  J and I left the girls at home to come celebrate with some of our favorite people on the planet.

Ashley did it over the top, per the usual for her.  Every detail was perfectly thought out and Jarrett's Beer-B-Q went off without a hitch!  I attempted to snap a few pictures, but they totally don't do it justice.
The food- Burgers and Brats with all the classic BBQ side dishes... and not to forget his beer cake, and the real cake- Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I die!
Me and the Hostess with the Mostest- love her.. and that sangria that I nursed for the entirety of the party. #overayearsinceIvehadarealdrink #buzzedhalfwaythrough #lightweight
 The dreaded singing to the birthday boy.  He made the most of it with a little jig.
Some of the girls and of course my fireman 'mannin' the grill
 My weekend was full and oh-so-fun. 

How was your weekend?



Sarah Tucker said...

P's face cracks me up! We had such a fun time with y'all at dinner :) Chris and Jolie are so funny! Love you!

The Joiners said...

Is it sad that this post made me want pizza... at 10:15 in the morning? :)

Mandy said...

Looks like you little ladies had a blast this weekend. I really wish we lived closer, BOO! Maybe one day our little brides and groom to be can meet each other, but until then, we will just keep admiring his little gfs via blogger. :( Looks like turning 30 isnt so bad afterall with a killer party like that! I can only hope I can throw a party like that, even though I will secretly be 29 and holding. Love you girls!!!

Ashley Sanderson said...

I love reading through your posts! They make me so happy and so excited for the day we have our own! And I've decided I want your arms. So jealous! That is one part of my body that drives me crazy! :)


Mrs. Mess said...

New follower here---your girls are adorable. We have a three month old daughter who is just as tiny. Look forward to reading more!

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