High Five for Friday 8.17.12

This week has completely gotten away from me- we have been in high speed getting ready for the move and I have hardly the time to think straight.  It is funny- through all this busy-ness and as much as my brain has been spinning, it wasn't hard for me to remember some good things this week for my High Five.

1.) The Packing has Come to an End.  We are offically DONE packing and ready to move tomorrow (Saturday)  I cannot wait to get into the new house, but just wish it was already Sunday- completely bypassing Saturday's work and the long day that is to come.  I actually wont be physically moving much of anything, but I get a little uptight when things are out of order.  Believe it or not, unpacking and trying to find a new place for everything will be fun for me this next week- am I self-admittingly OCD and love to organize. 

2.)  Furniture Shopping Success.  We found a couple of great pieces to go into the new house when we were furniture shopping last week.  LOVE this one in particular.  We also were able to get the perfect sized dresser to go in the girls' room to stand in as a changing table. 

3.)  Happy Anniversary!  Jordan and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this week (August 13th)!  We had a quite dinner out at Johnny Carino's (the fist place he ever took me on a date 10 years ago.) and then came home and watched a movie and ate yummy dessert- Ben and Jerry Greek Yogurt for me and Slow Churned ice cream for Jordan.

4.) Nook.  We decided this year that we were not going to exchange gifts for our anniversary- new furniture, new house keeper, new house- and of course, babies!!  All plenty for the both of us. But, of course- my husband never plays by the gifting rules.  I was surprised with a Nook Tablet from Barnes and Noble for my use while on bedrest until the babies come.  I can't wait to catch up on my long lost love for reading!  Anyone read any good books, lately?

5.)  Sweet Brother.  My parents sent Jordan and I a care package to wish us Happy Anniversary and in the card my youngest (of three) brother was silly- typical teenage boy.  Made for a good laugh between Jordan and me.  Love that kid- miss him so:)

I'll share pictures of the new house and from the move this weekend next week- until then, have a fabulous weekend!


The Dunaways said...

Happy happy anniversary - how time flies!! Excited to help this weekend! Love you

Sweet Emotions said...

Hey lady! I am in the process of reading "The Chronicles of the Kings" series by Lynn Austin. They are Christian Fiction. The first book, "Gods and Kings," is free on Amazon. The series is about King Hezekiah from the Bible. It's SO good. There are five books in the series and I'm on book 3!

- Emily Grindley

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