Keeps Gettin' Better

This week my Dad had a conference here in Dallas for his new company, so, my Mom and Sam tagged along for a really, really nice visit.

Eating dinner at Cristina's

While me Dad was at his conference, Jordan and I took Mom and Sam to eat in the West End and then on to the Dallas Aquarium.
Dallas Aquarium
Mom and I
The LOVE of my life: Forever and Always
After a long day of being a tourist, Mom and I went for an afternoon at the SPA and then came home for a home cooked meal by me..while Sam and J made homemade ice cream for dessert.
Daphnee and Sam relaxing
Mom and Dad before they went for their date night while we took Sam to our Fire Dept Pool Party (pictures to follow!)
A once in a lifetime moment, and I caught it on camera.
Things still continue to go well for the Huey family. My mom is in her rehab classes for another 10 weeks, and has not missed a day yet. My Dad also continues to amazing me with this new found patience and love for life. I actually just point blank asked him 'What has changed in you?' and he couldn't give me a straight answer, an 'I don't know' was the result. It was a great visit, again, but I know they are not in the clear. Prayers will continue from my end, that's for sure!


Sam said...

awww...yeah for you Amber;) I am so happy for you and your family! You are so beautiful by the way! Very nice pics:)

Chris and Angela Burnett said...

I am glad things are still going well with the family! :) Question...how do you get your blog to look so dang cute!? I don't have fun font choices & everything.

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