Finally..The Wait is Over!!

Our long time friends, Shay and Andrew, have finally welcomed the long awaited arrival of their sweet baby GIRL! The lucky parents waited for 9 long months to find out if they were having a boy or a girl, kudos to them, because I will not be able to do it! Not only did they not find out the sex of the baby, they would not even hint at any names they had picked out, so...it was a surprise from the beginning for everyone! Kensington Kate Shull is the most beautiful baby EVER! Jordan and I went to visit the new little family last night and from the second I saw her I was so impressed and taken back by her complete sense of perfection. But, her parents are gorgeous, so it was no shocker that Shay and Andrew had one heck of a pretty baby!!

I guess I keep going on and on about how beautiful she is because, well, I have a confession to make. I don't think newborn babies are very, well, cute. EEk...okay, so don't throw anything at me just yet, (lol) let me explain!! I LOVE babies, but newborns are just not that cute to me. Now, give them a few weeks (some, a few months!) and they will be the most precious gift from God anyone will ever witness.
SO...there has been an exception to my personal opinion on newborn babies: Kensington! She has this personality and face, already, that is just so..hmmm, what are the words I'm looking for without sounding repetitive. Oh, what the heck, she is just perfect, plain and simple. Period.

Congrats to Shay and Andrew and the rest of the Lowe and Shull Families!

Kensington Kate and her Mommy-Look at her! You know you are in a agreement when I say she is just a doll!!
Me and the precious one
Jordan and Kensington Me and Shay..Doesn't she look good?!


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The Shull Family said...

You're so sweet! Thank you for the precious posting about our precious girl! We had so much fun visiting with Jordan. I think Kensington has a crush on him!! We love you!

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