Cornerstone Kitchen

This past week I was given the oppotunity to serve for a purpose that was deemed far more rewarding than when I originally signed up for it! I am employed by both Baylor and a food distributing company called ARAMARK. Aramark has teamed up with Cornerstone Baptist Church in South Dallas and will be providing lunch to the homeless, at Cornerstone Kitchen once a month. The volunteer effort was open to all employees, and when I heard about it, I couldn't help but sign up! Cornerstone is located in the middle of inner city South Dallas, TX. It is a dynamic hub of ministry and it helps provide much needed services to the community, as well as spreading the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, all in love. Cornerstone provides lunch for many of the homeless in the downtown area every Tuesday and Thursday. This ministry currently averages about 80 in attendance and continues to grow. This past Tuesday, the Kitchen was packed with hungry men and women, looking for a hot meal. We served them Jambalya with rice and a mix of vegetables, and Ceaser Salad. Before they all could eat, a short sermon was held, providing them with God's Word. Once the sermon was over, it was grub time! I passed plates and filled cups with 'yellow drink' (Lemonade) for a good hour and then it was over. So many came and ate, and then were gone. I couldn't believe how many there were and to think that those people probably would not eat again until Thursday, when the next free meal was served. I had a great day at Cornerstone Kitchen, and plan on doing it again very soon! I am so grateful for how blessed I truely am. Being able to just run to the store because I'm out of milk or eggs developed a whole new meaning after last Tuesday! Here are some pictures that I took while there.
Plating the food..

Lots of dessert! They were allowed to have 2 each and coffee while listening to the sermon.

Loaves of bread donated by the local grocers.

More desserts
Just one half of the room. The other half was just as full.


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