photo every hour | lake life



emily said...

i love lake life! so relaxing, fun, and a good reminder to slow down and enjoy time with your family!! looks like a great weekend:) okay queen of baby swim suits...where did you get the twins' suits?!

Dani Lewis said...

I swear babies in life jackets are the cutest!

Chealsey walton said...

I love the idea of a photo an hour! such a cool idea!


Amber Miller said...

So cute! Can't wait for this with my twins!

Lindsey said...

What kind of life jacket is Baker wearing? Wear did you get it? I need one for my daughter! The one she has is soo uncomfortable!

Amber Massey said...

Hey Lindsey!! Its the Puddle Jumpers brand. Still SO huge and she can barely more her little body around, but I likes the floating neck piece. I got it at Academy but couldnt find it online to share the link! I did a quick google search and this is what I found:
I hope that helps!! :)

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