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I'm desperate to decorate a nursery.  I suppose I feel somewhat deprived because a couple of my closest friends are decorating nurseries at the moment.. and all the details they are putting into them makes me slightly envious due to the fact that my nursery decorating was done from the confines of my regular sleeping space. 
Bed rest was glorious.  I say this with all seriousness - how I wish to go back!
I introduced Parker and Jolie's nursery {HERE}, and have since made a few slight changes that have been good as they've grown. 
Really, though, good for their mom.  

 Truth behold there isn't a ton different, but just enough to make it my favorite room in the house all over again.
You know what I mean?
Sure you do.

This nursery 'change' came with the printing of these pictures {HERE}. They are my all time favorite pictures - for a hot minute at least. Canvas on Demand almost always has a Groupon and so you can't go wrong with that kind of deal.  
Sarah over at Sweet Papel Designs matched my corals and pinks perfectly with her twin inspired nursery print.  

 The other rather minor(?) detail were these decals from All Four Walls.
Gold is good, good, good.  
 I shared with BB my desire for the room and initially asked for her to help me place the canvas prints level on the wall.. I'm so terrible at that, and the woman did it for a living as an interior designer for years.  I got a text of the new 'canvas wall' as well as her interpretation of what I was wanting to do with these decals.

 FAR exceeded any idea I had in my head. 
"I got started and couldn't stop"
By all means, BB.. work away.  On everything.  Get my house in order.
Totally fell in love with how it turned out.
 Parker and Jolie talked about those circles with delight for about a week to come after putting them on the wall. 
 I took down the crib bumpers.  They had been {literally} trampled, smooshed, and looked pretty terrible.  I honestly can say with confidence that I will not be purchasing crib bumpers for the next one.
not pregnant.
We also rigged up our very own version of a black-out curtain.  Three blankets covering the window. Hence the terrible quality of the photos {sorry}.  I need to learn to use my camera.
Its amazing what a little change can do to refreshen up a room. 
I wanted to paint.. and then Jordan vetoed me.  
Soon enough, I'm sure.
Stickers work to suffice.
For now.
TWINE, I'm ready for my close-up.

Dream Big Nursery Print - Sweet Papel Designs via Etsy
16x16 Canvas Prints - Canvas on Demand via Groupon
Photography - B Faith Photography
CribsBaby Italia Mayfair (similarvia Babies R Us
BeddingDandelion Baby Blanket via Etsy
Ceramic Dresser KnobsAnthropologie
Large Wood Letters- Canton First Monday Trade Days
Large Wood Frames- Handmade by BB
Lace Curtains- Bed Bath & Beyond
Shaggy Raggy Lavender RugRug Market America via The Wooden Swing
Glider- Little Castle via Target
Shelving- DIY kit from Home Depot and painted linen white 

Polka Dot Vinyl Decals - All Four Walls (1 (4 inch) large pack & 1 (3 inch) small pack)



Lexy said...

I love love love the gold decals! What a great revamp!

Sheena said...

What a sweet room!

Liz/ said...

LOVE the new details in the girls room, looks so great and those canvas prints are the cutest!!!

Brittany said...

Love it! We're working on this second little babe's nursery right now and the colors are shades of purple with gold accents. Gold decals and all. :) Great minds think alike!

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