Tuesday Ramblings

This weekend was much needed.  I needed these last 4 days at home, for sure.

Friday was so lazy and I was so thankful.  I actually rescheduled that hair appointment that I was stressing about last week.  I couldn't bring myself to be leaving my girls at home while I was out spending time on 'me'.  I missed them too terribly much.  Mehh.. my hair is good enough for the time being.  Friday night Jordan and I went to dinner and then on to the Spring Twice As Nice Sale.  We hit it big with a new (used) activity mat (we for sure need two of these..the girls both really love them and we like to lay them on their boppy so they can reach and bat at the hanging toys..). 
We also got a steal of a deal on a 'like-new' Fisherprice Jumperoo bouncer and about a boat load of gently used clothes.  Shopping at a resale of kid items hosted by a Mothers of Twins group gives great benefit when you have a slight obsession with dressing them alike. 

I am all about this sale!  I can't wait for the fall when apparently it is the 'better' sale to go and shop at.

Saturday morning me and the twinsies headed out for Jenna's baby shower thrown by the Massey side of the family.  I've gotten to see this baby bump three weekends in a row!  Parker and Jolie got to meet their new cousin of the same size, Mr. Tate.  Parker checked him out and decided he's alright.  And we couldn't leave without a picture of Meme with her three littles.   

How is it that Jolie always gets the shaft of being squished?  Poor girl.  

**Excuse the helmet hair.. it was nasty humid and raining outside
Lets play a game.. look everywhere else but at Momma.  I took this same pose 75 times.  The best I got.  But look how cute they are?!  I came home on Friday night to our kitchen bar lined with headbows.  BB got busy while she babysat these babies.

I originally bought these headbows in a preemie/NB size for them to wear when they were extra tiny with extra tiny heads.  Well, now those bows are way too tight for their noggin, so Bree took it upon herself to re-purpose these sweet little bows for new ones! Ok..I actually forced her into it- but that woman has a talent for making them. Keep em' coming, BB!
 My Sunday was spent looking at this sweet cupcake..
..and snuggling with this tiny bunny.  After a really busy Friday and Saturday, Jolie was so sleepy/cranky/whiney/clingy.  We spent all day like this.  I was so thankful for Parker's easy-going demeanor to allow me to spend extra time with Little Miss Jolie. 
Just for fun.. and your viewing pleasure..
Bottles have taken over our kitchen.  I am so thankful for my excessive counter space.  These bottles are used for when I'm at work.  The girls get three bottles each during the day..and the bottle rack looks like this!  I can't imagine if we were feeding them 7-8 times a day exclusively from bottles.  That day may come and I'm okay with that, but right now I'm glad for just three times a day.
This little bit has become quite vocal and expressive.  Parker was still eating, but Jolie was finished and ready to play!  She actually acknowledged her name when I said it.. twice! She is recognizing her name and getting big.   

This video makes my heart so happy.  She loves her momma. Just sayin.

Parker Jane.  She talks.  And growls.  Mostly she growls.

This is her growling face.

Give. Me. Food. Momma.  Grrrrrr..

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Sarah Tucker said...

That video is so presh! And those bows are perfection!!! I love that Parker growls...grrrr.

Shannon said...

Love that last picture. What a lovely little smile.


Your girls are so cute! I just have one and she's 7 weeks, so I love seeing how your girls are at her age.


The Joiners said...

Ahh they are just so cute! I can't wait for our kitchen to look like that in a few short weeks, although I know all the extra clutter that comes with two newborns will give me semi-regular panic attacks at first :)

Jena said...

My little chick is a growler, too! She sounds like a mad little puppy Good to know shes not the only one haha. They're so cute

Brianne Bracco said...

Their little outfits are always sooo adorable my friend! Jolie's video is the most precious thing ever. And so is miss Parker..grr baby..grr. ;)

My Thrifty Chic said...

Oh my gosh, she's a doll! I love the use of masculine names for little girls! Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything
Blog Hop!
xo Tori


My Thrifty Chic said...

Your girls are beautiful & I love their unique names! Thank you for linking up with the Anything + Everything Blog hop! I hope you'll come back next week!!

xo Tori

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