Happy Birthday, Jordan!

So...I'm a bit behind, but things have been busy in the Massey household! March 3rd Jordan turned 27! Woo-hoo..one year closer to the big 3-0! Ok, so Jordan was not quite as excited about that idea, but he did have a great birthday.

I love, love, love my chef pig in my kitchen :) He wished Jordan a Happy Birthday all week long.

We started the weekend before with a birthday dinner at Jordan's parent's house with his sister and cousin and his wife with their precious little one, Rayn.

All the girls :) Amber, Ashley, Rayn, Bree, and Jenna. Ashley is due with their 2nd baby girl in April! We are so excited to meet Rayn's little sister!

Rayn has an obsession with the dog bed. We kept her for a night while Ashley and Aldon went out of town, and she insisted that Brittany shared her bed with her. Brittany was so confused, bless her heart!

Jordan feeding Rayn meatballs and applesauce. Nice combo for the 14 month old.

Jenna and Rayn, posing for the camera so very well.

Jordan cutting his chocolate cake I made him. It was delicious, and pretty, too! I was proud of that creation. It took some planning, but I came up with this chocolate fudge cake with white cream filling.

On Jordan's actual birthday we decided to go to Saltgrass Steak House for dinner...it was yummy, too! I always get the Hickory Chicken and Mashed Potatoes.

Here's to another year for my sweetie! Happy Birthday to you!


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