Poor Britt Britt!!

Spaniel's have a hereditary tendency to develop lipomas (fatty tumors) that are not harmful in any way and usually do not require removal. Anyway, Brittany had several small ones but one HUGE one under her belly against her ribs. Our vet said that it wasn't harming her or that it wasn't threatening at all, but it was very big and it just looked so uncomfortable for her when she would try and sit or lay. So, we scheduled a surgery for this morning and all went well. The tumor was about the size of a large grapefruit!! Lots of fat!! Poor girl, I just feel so bad for her.
Our vet gave her some pain killers and I could help but giggle when she tried to get up and move around when Jordan and I had turned our back. IShe was wagging her little tail as best she could! At least that is a sign she is okay. I'm looking at her right now, she is out like a light!! I am hoping tonight goes well and she isn't in too much pain...too bad she can't talk!! Our Poor Britt Britt!Britt sportin' her pink bandage ;)

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