What a Weekend!

This past weekend was a busy one for Jordan and I. We had a lot going on, already on top of our normal routine. Jordan is now in full swing with Paramedic School and is now doing his clinicals once a week at area hospitals. He either does them on a Friday or a Saturday, and either 6:45am-3:15pm or 2:45pm-11:15pm. This past week it was on Friday until late in the evening. This left me solo for the evening, so, one of my bestest and I went and grabbed dinner and then shopped at Grapevine Mills. Saturday we had a wedding to attend for our good friends Chuck and Chasity. I was at 3pm in the afternoon, BUT, it was all the way in Dike, Texas. I know..I thought the same thing you are thinking.."Where the heck is Dike, Texas?" Well, it is about 2 hours from here..just past Sulpher Springs. Needless to say, it was a long trip, but worth it to witness their special day. We finally made it back home, made a quick change and headed to Addison for Jordan's cousin's wife, Jenny's birthday celebration. Whew, that was a mouthfull! Anyway, we missed dinner, but made it to Pete's Piano Bar. We had a FABULOUS time! If you haven't been, I strongly suggest making a trip. Such a great time..people of all ages were there. A man and his whole family was there to celebrate his 70th Birthday. Yes, I said 70th! I am already planning my birthday, and planning on celebrating it there! So, that made for a late night and Sunday morning came too quick for Sunday School! So, we went to 'big Church' and came home. While Jordan studied, I cleaned house and ran a few errands. Our weekend ended with a quite dinner at home and a movie with dessert :)

It was overall a good weekend, but I sure am worn out!! I've included some pics from Saturday night at Pete's.

Jordan, Josh (Jenny's Hubby), and Brian (Mel's Hubby)

Me, The Birthday Girl, Jenny, and Mel

There's Jenny on the far left. We made a request and she was called onstage with some other birthday girls and bachlorette's. They were playing the name game, it was hilarious!

Me and MelGood Times with Great Family!


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