My Beautiful Preggo Friend!!

This past weekend was my precious friend Shay's Baby Shower at her Aunt Pam's house in Arlington. Boy, was there a turn out!! There was tons a great friends and family all around, and did I mention, there was wonderful food as well! Props to the hostess' for their thought and hard work! She made out like a bandit, and that baby Shull, boy or girl, will be set for his/her first years in this world :)

She has been very blessed with how her sweet little 'Tad' came about, and through lots of patience, prayer and tears, that miracle is almost here!! I can't wait to meet this little one in just a few short weeks! We are so happy for the Shull's!! (and the Lowe's, too!)

Baby Tad's piles of gifts!!

Yaay for sweet gifts!

A Beautiful Spread!

The Guest of Honor and Myself: What a Gorgeous Pregnant Glow she has!!

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The Shull Family said...

Thanks for the sweet posting! It was so nice having you there. And thanks for not posting those pics of me with my mouth open talking :)!

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