Jordan's Promotional Ceremony

This past week Jordan was promoted to Driver within the Irving Fire Department. Such an accomplishment at the young age of 26, and I am so proud of him! To promote within the Department, the men have to take an exam, and based on their score and the number of available positions determines whether or not they promote. Jordan scored a 96! YAAY! So, needless to say, he promoted, and is now a Driver for the IFD. Three other men promoted,and there was also a Lieutenant promotion and a welcoming of three new Rookies. It was a fun and memorable time, and I'm so glad I was apart of it. The only thing now is that he has to go to Paramedic School for the next 6 months!! He'll be driving the fire engine and the ambulance. So, happy studying to my Jordan! I know he says he is dreading it, but, he will do so well, like always!

Just a few pictures from the event :)
Jordan and Greg..Both promoted to Driver! They are standing with the City Bell, which they rang once they took their oath.

Jordan and his Dad (He's been with the department for 30 years!!) Roy is a Driver also.

' Wreyford' (Greg), 'Goose' (David), and 'Golden Boy' (Jordan)

It never fails for the boys to have several nicknames within the fire department!

This is such a moment! I was privileged to pin Jordan with his new Driver badge, like the other wives did that went before us. The other wives gave their hubby a little kiss after pinning her man, and I didn't get to it as fast as the other 75 guests in the room wanted me to! The firefighters all started making 'kissing' noises, making the situation even MORE awkward!! All we could do was laugh..and then I gave him his much deserved kiss :)

Me, Jordan and Chief Molina preparing to pin Jordan. We removed his Firefighter Badge to replace it with his Driver Badge.

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations to Jordan! That's quite an accomplishment!

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