It's the Holiday Season.. 2013

After a short blogging hiatus, I'm back to tell all about whats been going on in the Massey house these last couple of weeks.  I know all of you have been pin the edge of your seats waiting patiently for my return.. #notreally

No, but really.. I know you missed these faces.

Yes?  Thought so.

I took off the entire week of Christmas and it was just what I needed to recharge and surround myself with the most important people in my life: Family and Friends.

We started 'Christmas Break' with an attempt to sit on Santa's lap. Momma and my littles were meeting a couple of other twinsie sets for lunch and thought it was a fabulous idea to go a little early and see the big man in the red suit real quick.  As we unloaded the girls from the car to their stroller a rather delightful woman walked by and politely snorted "If you are gong to see Santa, I wouldn't bother.  It is the worst I've ever seen it- the line is a mile long."

Well.  What gave it away?  The Christmas trees on our dresses or the huge {and fabulous} red bow on our head? Ok. The huge bow, is normal, but she didn't know that.  Either way that Scrooge wasn't going to stop us.  What stopped us was the almost 3 hour wait in the line.


Operation Sit-On-Santa's-Knee was postponed to another time on this day.

On to lunch with some of my favorite babies and their mommas!
Ann Marie with Layton and Hadley | Meredith with Jude and Sloan | Amber with Parker and Jolie

6 babies, 3 ladies.  Call us crazy?  Much to our surprise we lasted more than a hour sitting at the table eating pizza {and peas and carrots} and really we weren't even to that point when we started to pack up the babes.  This picture was taken towards the end of lunch..and look how put together we are.  It would be a stretch to say this can and will happen again so easily, so I'm glad its documented:)  

After lunch we walked the mall {after a small crowd formed while loading our twin duos into their double strollers.  Questions like "Do you know each other?" was on repeat..} around to the play area where there was a swarm of children literally bouncing off the walls.

So, logically, we took our babies inside!

Our best attempt at a group picture
Mere having a moment with one of two of my favorite girls on this planet.  
 My silly girl- so happy
dress / handmade by Erin {olsonpitcrew24@aol.com for custom inquiries} // 
head bow / Jameson Monroe // boots / Old Navy 

Nap time came oh-so-very quickly and so it was time to part ways with our friends.
After loading up into the car Jordan and I {he was Christmas shopping while us girls did our social thing} decided to take the long way home.  I wanted to swing through Bass Pro to see about their Santa.  Another 2 1/2 hour wait. WHO thought it was a good idea to see Santa on the last Friday before Christmas.  Apparently everyone and their mother.  Literally.

Santa fail number 2.

Saturday we celebrated Christmas with the Massey side of the family.  We headed to Dallas and made a stop into Northpark Mall to see what the timeframe was for him.. couldn't even get close.  #smartmove

The baby birds and daddy stayed in the car
headwrap / Jameson Monroe // peplum tunic / Carter's // leggings / Carter's // boots / Old Navy 

Santa fail number 3.

After The Massey Christmas we met Ashley and Jarrett for dinner and prezzie exchange.  We had grand plans for the Lights of Vitruvian Park , but it rained for like three days and that morning leading up to our date night, so we opted for something indoors- The Gaylord was gorgeous and decked to the 9's for Christmas.  AND- there was a Santa.  Attempt number 4 to get an eleven second seat on his lap.

"From this point in line you have about an hour wait.  Santa leaves at 9pm.. its 8:15p.  You won't be seeing Santa tonight, I'm sorry."

Thats a joke, right?  Well, we can take our chances. We've missed the girls' bedtime by an hour already, so whats another little bit, eh?

Besides.. Jarrett and Auntie make everything more fun!
And all the lights.. there was plenty to look at!
 Santa boots.  About 30 feet tall Santa boots.
Heyyyy, Jordan.  How about you join us for the picture:)  The best we could get to make the crowds stop for a stranger to take our photo.  It was pretty awkward, but we were determined.
Oh..yea.  We saw Santa!  With all but 3 minutes to spare.  Eat your words, little elf.

Our visit with this giant man in his giant chair went about how we expected.  Except in reverse.  Parker was totally interested in the white beard and kept making her way onto his stage before it was our turn.  When we finally got our turn, she was really funny in the way she looked at him over and over.

Jolie.  Well, that girl.  Not even puppy would do the trick.  I expected Parker to have the meltdown and Jolie's crazy brain to play calm and cool.  Touché little babes.

Sunday Momma got her Christmas gift early!
Hello Canon Rebel SL1.  LOVE!  Hubby did good.  This has been on my wish list for every occasion since forever.  Before heading over to spend our Sunday afternoon with BB, Poppa, and Kendall (oh, and Kendall's momma, too!) he brought it out to surprise me.  He knew I 'needed' it for Christmas morning, and that I did.  Jenna and I took the babies outside for some fun and practice with the new goods.

Super precious, even with the spit bubbles.
Sweet Jolie leaning in to give Kendall some love, and Kendall looking like such the doll baby.
 Sister and KB
 Crazy pants.
Love this happy girl, even with the paci covering half of her face,  
 tunic / Carter's // head bow / Jameson Monroe

I'd say this pre-Christmas weekend was what I like to call #winning.  I can't believe how fast this month flew.. Probably will be the story of the rest of my life with these two babes and their daddy.



Anonymous said...

I was hoping you'd give us an update soon! You're girls are soooo precious. It's been so fun watching them grow through pictures. I always look forward to and enjoy reading your blog posts, really I do! Lol. You are, by far, one of my favorite bloggers! Until next time! :)

Kenzie Ashcraft said...

They are so sweet! Glad you all had a Merry Christmas! Happy New Year to you all! :)

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