Weekend Recap {Play Dates, Baby Firsts, & Big Girl Chairs}

So.. its Wednesday and I'm just now getting around to covering this weekend's happenings.  Mostly because I'm still wishing for it to be the weekend, and mainly because I took about a 8,752 pictures for no particular reason.  As a result, going through those that are worth posting has taken me longer than normal.. and because looking at all these pictures makes me wish for the weekend again.. distraction overcomes into daydreams of this weekend.. even though nothing super exciting occured .. I just like the weekend and time with Jordan and my favorite girlies.. but, hey, if you give a mouse a cookie..

So.. since Thursday was technically my 'Friday', we will start there. This little girl is all over the place, and nothing that we can prevent or manage.. we are doing out best to create the bumpers and guard this baby from anything she can get into- She's just unstoppable. 

Since this picture was taken, she has accrued two more bruises on her forehead. 
Friday started with a lunch date.. Miss Parker has recently decided she will look everywhere but the camera.  Lately, anytime I whip it out for a quick photo-op she is quick to shut down the smiles and laughter.  Silly cookie.
 ..and Jolie, here.  Don't let this picture fool you.. she was much more enjoyable during lunch than that.  And we alllllllll adore Aunty Ashley times a million, duh.
Friday night the hubbs and myself got a babysitter (aka the twinsie's BB) and met the Tapella's for dinner and ice cream for dessert.  I failed at picture taking, but at least I got one of my lovie and me.  Even though I love and don't mind to take the girls everywhere we go, it is nice to have some adult time once in awhile.
Saturday morning I headed out to grab some groceries while Jordan stayed home with the girls.  He had big plans to finish cleaning out our flower beds while the girls took their morning naps, but, the teething monster had other plans.  Their usual 2 hour nap in the morning ended up being a whopping 45 minutes.  So.. daddy compromised and I got this picture text of my naked babies in the front yard while I was shopping. 
After filling our pantries (not PANTIES as I typed about 4 time before getting it right..) and making our yard its prettiest it can be we headed out for a play date with cousin Kendall and of course it was nice to see Jenna and Adam, too!  The girls played so well together.  It was absolutely precious how interested Kendall was in Parker and Jolie. 
And this is how we do dinner.. We practically need a table for ten with the space three slings plus four adults take up.
Sunday was rough on the teething front. Cranky babies times two and poor Jolie only found comfort in momma's arms.  She wanted to sleep the majority of the day, so we kept it easy going with lots of snuggles and Mickey Mouse. It was gloomy out, so it was the perfect day to do so.  
 While the girls napped, I made some baby food.. and at 'dinner time' we tried mangos..

 and.. well.. the world wasn't ending after the first bite and they didn't completely hate it.  They did better when it was mixed with the oats.
Just a little dramatic.. wouldn't you agree?
Sunday night marked another baby first- their first time in the bath together!  We need one of those non-slip mats, for sure, but they had a blast splashing each other and hollering as if they weren't 4 inches from each other's face.
 Having fun, Parks?
 Monday was the usual: Jolie's therapy, errands, errands, lunch, errands, and more errands.  These girls were ecceptionally pleasant the entire day!  Considering the fussy babes I had on Sunday, I was impressed with their patience in the car seat for most of the day. 

Running all over town is so much better when I get to look at this face
 and this face, too.  My sweet girls.
One of our 'errands' for Monday was to finally get the girls' high chairs.  We've been putting it off (mainly for the expense) and had a couple coupons and with the twin discount, we got them at a good price.  Jolie was the first to try hers out- and sassy pants thought she was soooo big.  

I think they were into it..

Silly girls.  Gosh  they are getting so big.  Stop. Growing.
On Tuesday afternoon  I was getting silly pictures from my mother-in-law of my children playing dress up in my jewelry..
When I came home I was surprised to see what my sweet MIL was up to..  

She made this, folks.  On the mornings she helps me with the girls she hears me in my bedroom practially in a fist fight with my knotted up jewelry thrown into a drawer.  She decided I needed something more practical.  The sweet woman organized my jewery and hung everything that would fit on this- now easily accessible in my closet.  I neeed another one to hang all my stuff, but this is a great start (when I say I hoard accessories, I mean I hoard them).

I spent about 10 minutes this morning trying to figure out what jewelry to wear.  I had resorted to wearing the same stuff over and over again because I didn't want to take the time to sift through to find something.  I feel like I've got all this new stuff.  Thanks, BB!  Talk about making my day!

It was a great weekend.. and first part of my week.  After these last couple weeks being more on the stressor side of things, it has been refreshing to have so many good days in a row.   But, still, thank goodness we are well into Wednesday:) 

Already dreaming of my weekend.. aren't you?



Ashley D said...

Love the jewelry holder! Bree is quite talented!

Brianne Bracco said...

The MIL did a fantastic job on the jewelry holder! So sweet of her. Yay for big girl bath time and high chairs!! Sweet bebes ;)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I started reading sometime back (before the girls were born) and enjoyed reading your health and fashion tips. Now that your sweet babies have came into the world, I love your blog even more. You amaze me...working, twins and juggling life.

Mandy Dupree said...

I wanted to let you know that I tagged you into a new post and blog feature spotlight from yesterday. Hoping you'll link up, as well :) Happy Monday fellow mama.

You can find the post here:


Liz K said...

Have you ever heard of or considered amber teething necklaces. I just got one for my almost 2yrold daughter, it is a total lifesaver I wish I had gotten one soon.

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