Tips for Traveling with Your Littles

The idea of flying/traveling with young kids is probably the biggest single cause of stress for traveling parents. I know I have a twinge of panic when I think about taking my girls anywhere out of the great state of Texas (I can handle the 2 hour drive to great-grandmother's house). When I was approached by Kendra and her expertise on this subject I was eager to allow her to put together some of her best tips for traveling with the babes. 

I'm all ears, girl!

Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have taken my excitement for travel and brought it to you with some of my favorite travel tips and tricks. Enjoy!

Key Tips for a Great Vacation with your Smallest Ones this Summer
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Summer vacations often provide some of the best childhood memories.  But for parents, planning these detailed trips can seem overwhelming, particularly with a new addition to the family. Through my career in the travel industry and more importantly my promotion to motherhood, I've learned how crucial it is to plan and prepare appropriately to ensure everyone returns with the memories of a lifetime.

1. Plan Well in Advance
The best way for you to have a hassle-free vacation with a baby in tow is to plan well in advance. Give yourself a few months to figure out where you'll be going, where you can stay and what you can do while vacationing. Look for accommodations that will give you piece of mind and provide a smoother transition for your smallest ones, particularly if it’s their first time away from home.  Identify hotels or resorts that provide cribs, high chairs, and individual fridges for bottles.  Use the Internet to find fellow parents who have traveled where you plan to go.  When my family of three was planning our Hawaiian adventure, we were able to find great recommendations for a top-notch Honolulu hotel that provided essential amenities for our littlest.

2. Pressure Adjustments
If you’re flying with your newest additions, there is a great deal to keep in mind.  Remember that the 3-1-1 rule for liquids fortunately does not apply to baby formula in carry-ons but still needs to be presented upon screening.  The changing altitudes that occur during flight commonly affect ear pressure. While mildly annoying for adults, the experience may cause pain in children, particularly babies. For infants, try feeding during take off and landing.  The sucking motion will alleviate pressure in their tiny ears and likely lull them to sleep.

3. Keep to a Schedule
Keeping a set schedule can be extremely beneficial when you're traveling and vacationing with a baby. In order ensure everyone has a good time, it is essential to keep your baby in line with a routine, especially when it comes to their nighttime and sleep schedule. You will want to establish a time to come back to the hotel in the afternoon so that your baby can take nap, ideally in sync with their naptime at home. If you’re changing time zones, adjust their nap or sleep schedule by small increments in the weeks leading up to your trip for an easier adjustment.  Setting a schedule and routine will help everything go a lot more smoothly.

4. Have Fun with the Little Things
Don't be afraid to enjoy the little things during your vacation. It's true that it'll be fun to go horseback riding on a mountain while on holiday, but sipping wine on the hotel balcony can be just as fun and memorable for you. Make time for yourself and for the whole family so that the vacation is a true success. The whole point of taking a vacation is for you to relax and spend time with those you love. Plan ahead, but also plan to just relax.  Being a mom is hard work so make sure you’re able to enjoy your vacation too.

Thank you Kendra for these awesome tips! 

How do you travel with your kiddos?  Any tips and tricks of the motherhood trade I should know about? 



The Life of Poole said...

We will be flying with a not even 3 month old in October and to say I'm nervous/terrified/worried is an understatement! Thank goodness its only an hour flight but its still pretty nerve wrecking, so thanks for the tips :)

Mandy Dupree said...

I cannot imagine actually having to pack and prepare myself for a plane ride with little Jaxon let alone with two littles. Oh my. I dread August and our 5 hour trip to PCB, FL. I know it will be a complete shit show considering the fact that Jax hates riding in the car most days now. I will heed your advice though and hopefully things will go smoothly. I still have some time to prepare myself for the stress. Loved everything about this post! <3

Natalie Stephens said...

My three year old has traveled to 6 different countries, including flying to Europe twice. My one year old has traveled to three countries and endured the long flight across the Atlantic as well. My biggest piece of advice is RELAX. Your kids totally feed off you, the more relaxed you are the more relaxed they will be. And keep in mind, vacation isn't the time to be strict about foods, naps, rules, etc. Let loose and your kids will surprise the heck out of you, I guarantee it. :)

Travel Clinic In Ealing said...

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