Bunny Hop

Oh nelly. 

and this girl Parker..


during the filming of this little video she's sitting contently in my lap.
..has yet to roll from back to tummy.
.. will, however roll to her side and then decides its not worth it to roll all the way. 

what's the rush? 



Sarah Tucker said...

I am okay with one crawling and one not. I can't take them growing any faster than they already are :)

Amy B. said...

That bunny hop is the absolute cutest thing ever.

Brianne Bracco said...

Hehehehehe! Hoppity hop hop!! So cute! seems just like yesterday they were little new bunnies celebrating their first Christmas! Where does the time go?! But so much fun to watch their adorable personalities come out. :)

The Crafts said...

Jolie is a little overachiever:)
That bunny hop is just precious!
James agrees with Parker... What's so great about rolling over?

Frances Kendrick said...

So adorable!! I really miss those days!

jmcr foundation said...

The bunny hop is so lovely and so so cute.

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Benlovesting said...

So cute!! Thanks for sharing:)

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