Twin Bab(ies) Shower Brunch

This past weekend Jordan's long time family friend, Mary, hosted me, lots of family and close friends for a baby shower brunch in honor of Parker and Jolie.  

After last week's doctor appointment I thought for sure we would be forced to cancel due to the fact that I was placed on hospital bed rest- but, Friday we go the clear to come back home (thank goodness!) and so we decided that the shower was still a go for Saturday.  

Mary did such a great job with the yummy brunch food (I LOOOOVVVEEE brunch food.) and sweet details to make this party extra special.  
Due to my strict bed rest status, this is pretty much what I did the entire shower.  The guest were all so sweet and gracious, hugging my neck from the couch.  I felt so bad for my 'lazy' appearance, but it was worth it to be there and celebrate- and if it meant being on my back the entire time, thats what needed to be done.  Laying on my back did nothing for quality of the pictures being taken.. I did my best to prevent the double chin!  
We were halfway to Mary's house when I realized I forgot my camera.  Silly, Amber.. but when you only have 20 minutes to get ready (all that I'm allowed to be on my feet) make-up and accessories come first.  I was so thankful Ashley had her camera to catch the action as we opened gifts. 

I was sad I didn't get pictures with the beautiful hostess, or the grandmas-to-be, or any of the guests for that matter :(  BUT- Bree got a picture of these two beauties- two of my very best friends, Ashley and Stephanie.  I was so glad they both could make it:)

So the present opening begins.

We had a good pile of stuff to go through!  Jordan was there to drive me, make my food plate, and retrieve water whenever I needed it.  Oh, and not to mention help off the couch when I had to make a potty run.  It is hilarious to watch me attempt to do it on my own.  Most importantly, J was there to be with me, and help open these baby girl goodies!  
Every one needs Christmas jammies.  Everyone.  These little newborn jammies from babyGap are to die for.  LOVE.  I cannot wait to put our girls in them!  I have the perfect (and rather extravagant) white bow (courtesy of Bree Massey's talents) to put on their precious little heads to go with these gingerbread PJs.  Sweet Shay did so good:)
 Jordan loves them, too.  My hubby poses well.. maybe they have Christmas jammies for Daddy?
BeBe (Bree) spoiled her granbabies with precious gifts.  I love these footie jammies that she happened to score off zulily.
We got so, SO many things for these girls!  Tons of clothes (and I mean, seriously- a ton.), beautiful and so precious baby books for each from my momma, two baby bouncers (I've been told by other twin mamas that the bouncer is the best thing they ever got.) and the swing, and not to forget our amazing stroller from the Massey's.  I was so excited to get the baby giraffes that I mentioned before from Steph.  How she knows me so well.  My obsession with the baby giraffes continues:)  And not to forget, we are set for bath time, thanks to Miss Ashley and the baby tub FULL of every bath item you think you would need.
After the shower, it was back home to bed for me.. and I was glad for it.  It is amazing what 4 hours of  stimulus will do for my baby brain.  I stayed laying down (or leaning) for the entirety of the shower, yet still worn out by the end.  It is the little things the I don't realize make the biggest impact on my energy levels.

Even though I was completely spent by the end of it all, it was SO much fun on Saturday.  I got to see a lot of family and friends that I don't get to see on a regular basis.  I am incredibly thankful for those that came to share the love of these girls.. I can't wait for everyone to meet them!  I am especially thankful for Mary and her sister-in-law, Margo, who took the time to make this perfect brunch shower happen.  It was fabulous and made me and Daddy feel so special.  

In two weeks Jordan's Aunt Sherrye and cousin Jennifer are throwing a shower, and the weekend after that we have another 'Sugar and Spice' themed shower held by my/our best friends (Tapella's, Dunaway's, and Cabrera's.) One shower down, 2 more to go!   Can't wait!

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