TourdeCure 2009

Last weekend was TourdeCure 2009. Rachel, Mary Katherine, and I endured the miserable weather (pouring rain) and served breakfast to 317 riders. I volunteered last year and had a blast, so I knew when it came around again this year, I was signing up again for sure.

MKat, Me, and Rachel at 6am..in the rain..and since Friday I had began to feel poorly. This did not help my stuffy head!
My Baylor girls: Rachel and Mary Katherine
SO EARLY! We were just beginning to cut up the fruit for the riders..
ORANGES! :) So Yummy! I needed the Vitamin C myself, too!
Setting up before the riders came thru.
Although It was raining, and pouring at times, and we had the occasional soggy bagel, it was a really fun time and I didn't quite mind the rain. I ended up getting super ill the next day..and Monday and Tuesday for that matter. I was already down and out on Saturday with a stuffy head and sore throat. Then, being wet for half the day did not help! All better now, tho :)

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