parker + jolie's big girl room | reveal!

I am so excited to share Parker and Jolie's big girl room!  I am really really REALLY proud of Jordan for all the hard work he has put into building (literally) this space for our girls.. shout out to the most handy husband ever.  I could brag on him all day for how good everything came together!  he basically took over my twins room pinterest board and came up with the most amazing style bunk bed for this room.  
you can find the original inspiration for their big girl room HERE:)
Parker and Jolie's room isn't very big, but I guess when you have two of everything and something crammed on every wall space it would seem a little full.  we've been talking about creating a room with space saving as the focus and finally pulled the trigger.  I mentioned before that building a nursery as a first time mom was much different than what I experienced with Baker and now Brady. I was on bed rest very early on in my pregnancy (24 weeks) and didnt really get to lay hands on and plan a nursery the way I got to with the last two babes..until now!  
I stuck to the same color scheme as I had originally envisioned:
lots of coral + mint green and turquoise + shades of purple
..and I added in grays + whites for their big girl update.
their bed is as big as it looks.  if we ever move from our cozy little home we will have to tear this beast down in pieces.  after scouring the internet for an affordable but decent looking bunk bed that would fit our space, Jordan finally decided he was going to build one.
from scratch.
I was terrified, because while he is very handy this kind of project is a serious overhaul! I am hoping he can remember the supplies and measurement details he used so I can eventually share the DIY for this amazing (and sturdy!) bed.  I take zero credit for the planning/style/building of this bed- it was definitely all Jordan!
I have shared my love for Beddy's before and here I go again:)  when we moved Parker and Jolie to "big girl" twin beds before Baker was born I fell in love with the ease, durability, and "all in one"option of their bedding sets and when I decided to update their bedding again I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  not to mention, Beddy's is the perfect option for a bunk bed.  the sleek elastic around the entire bottom edge keeps the bedding in place like a fitted sheet and the zippers on both sides allows for very easy making of the bed.  it leaves me without covers sprawled everywhere that I'm trying to tuck and fold to keep their room looking put together.
in fact.. the twins "make" their beds every morning with just the zip of the side zippers.  I, of course, help them arrange the pillows but otherwise its a very simple task for them to be responsible for.

after Jordan finished the bunk bed I gave him another handy task: building book shelves.  I confess that I have tagged and pinned bookshelves in every single nursery + playroom inspiration board I've created but have never followed through.  I sent the hubby a picture of a set of corner bookshelves and the next day he made that inspiration come to life!  every morning since we arranged their favorite books into these shelves I've come to find the girls snuggled in bed reading to each other.  its absolutely darling and brings me so much joy!

other things.. we updated this old mirror thats been hanging in our master bedroom for the last 5 years with a couple cans of white spray paint and found it's perfect place in this room.  those large wood frames were a DIY their BB made for the original nursery and we painted them + updated the colors to pull out more of the coral in the room.  up until now I've had newborn pictures of Parker and Jolie hanging in these frames.  long overdue for an update!
another hubby DIY: that mini dress up clothing rack.  I was browsing to just buy one an Jordan had enough left over wood an paint from the bed and bookshelves to throw that together too.. 
he gets so many brownie points, you guys.
THIS dresser!  it was originally purchased at a garage sale 5 years ago and has sat in the twins' closet as extra storage since then.  with the height of the bed on the opposite wall we thought to move it out of the closet and give it a little update with new paint and some updated drawer pulls.  most of whats on top of that dresser is courtesy of the dollar spot at target.. and after browsing for last minute details for the girls room at hobby lobby I found a tiered basket to throw their bows into. we have a few baskets in their closet that is overflowing with bows.. they have so many and I tend to just grab the same ones over and over because they are just sitting on top, but this way I can see what the options are.
I've sort of become obsessed with paper fans and couldn't resist these from shop sweet lulu to finish off the final details of their room.. pulling all the colors together!

they absolutely love their new space and spend a lot of time in here playing dress up in front of that mirror and reading their books.  not to mention how BIG they feel to sleep in their "big girl bunk beds".  I love this room!  every time I walk by I catch myself slowing a bit just to admire it a little.  
no better way to celebrate becoming big sisters for the second time around than this!
photography by: b faith photography 

wall paint // benjamin moore sanctuary
P + J wood signs //  painted SW cooled blue
bunk beds // DIY
gold metallic wall decals c/o urban walls
circle star rug c/o lorena canals rugs
chic gray bedding c/o beddy's beds
perfectly miss matched pillow set c/o beddy's beds
throw pillows // pillowfort by target
framed P+J // hobby lobby
corner shelving // DIY
wooden toy cameras c/o willow + bass
coral + white frames // DIY (painted SW coral reef)
dress up rack // DIY
rainbow banner c/o pearl + jane
"go out and paint the stars" custom sign c/o tucker up + co.
tutus  c/o trevi ave co
dresser // garage sale + painted SW cooled blue
knobs // hobby lobby
coral lamp // hobby lobby
tiered bow basket // hobby lobby
paper fans // shop sweet lulu
"smarty locks and the unforgettable zoo" book c/o Marilyn Harary


life lately | waiting on baby

life has been rather.. boring lately. this is my Friday version of friday favs/life lately/baby update.. maybe my last baby update?! 
I've hardly been snapping any photos for lack of energy and have hardly had the energy to sit still and blog about it:)  we are waiting on baby Brady and his arrival and all the things that go into getting myself, the hubby, and three littles ready for baby number four has been a bit hectic! trying to keep things relatively normal by adding in bed rest for this pregnant mama along with a couple of puking kiddos and a snotty virus that has completely overtaken the house.
sounds about right.
THANKfully the puke only lasted about 12 hours, and my mom dropped everything and took almost a month off from work to come and stay with us until after Brady has arrived.  she's still very new to the whole "grandma" thing, but having someone just feed my kids has been a giant help so I can stay off my feet.
in case you aren't familiar with my family story.. read HERE:)
SO- bed rest.  last week when I made my weekly trip to the OB's office I whined and complained about just being uncomfortable. I've been on procardia for contractions since about 28 weeks- same script I took when I was pregnant with the twins.. and when Walsh was measuring the fundal height of my giant belly it seized up with a hard contraction so she hooked me up for a stress test to check on these because they have become much more consistent over the last couple weeks and she also wanted to make sure Brady wasn't in any distress because of it.
well two hours later resulted in that stress test showing lots of contractions and a ton of uterine irritability. the needle just swiveled back and forth about a million times.
after checking me out there were no signs of dilation AT ALL, which I was thankful for.  Brady could have very well come a week ago if I had actually been in active labor. 
but I wasn't.. and I was just being a cry baby and was sent me home with orders to stay off my feet. 
another fun fact is that my OB has been out of town this entire week on spring break so.. everyday I'm praying to make it just until at least she's back so she can deliver! 
 final preparations have been accomplished this week! I have never been so excited in my entire life.  the anticipation of meeting this boy and seeing that full head of hair everyone keeps talking about and that button nose thats so prevalent on every sonogram capture.. I can hardly sleep at night!!  bags are packed and his little coming home outfits are just my FAVorite ever!
I usually don't bring any other clothes than what I'm going to bring the baby home in. usually I bring a couple options for sizing- my kids have all gone home in premie size, but I usually have a newborn just in case!  after birth they just wear a tiny white tee and their diaper that the hospital provides, so then just keep them swaddled up and their head covered the entire time.  to save space I just skip all the tiny baby things and bring a handful of swaddles and a couple hats to "dress them up with" during our hospital stay.  
also.  packing for three other little girls is overwhelming.
but its DONE.
final little things have been trickling in as the week goes on.  my most favorite thing right now??  this milestone board from chalk designs by me!  such a FUN way to celebrate Brady's monthly milestones!  I did the stickers with the twins and I did the month by month banner for Baker and I hunt quite figured out what we were doing for the little man!  it even came with a chalk marker!!  
the best! 
other NONbaby things (shock!).. 
we are THIS CLOSE to finishing the twins' big girl room. I've given Jordan the deadline of TODAY, ha! I'm eager to get it all put together and I want it done done donnnnee by the time we get this baby boy here:)  Jordan has been working his tail off every free moment he has, which isn't a lot these days.  I'm so proud of him and what an amazing job he's done with their space.
I also cannot wait to share with you guys the finished product!
another weekend is here!  always a good reason to celebrate
happy FriYAY, friends! 


baker bree | 19 + 20 months

20 months!
we are merely months away from counting in whole years rather than months.  as much as I wish time to slow, cease, crawl, and basically stop all together, this age/stage we are in has been a lot of fun with her.  I remember this time with the twins to be just as fun, but with two growing and changing at the same time it was easy to miss the tiny moments that I'm living with Baker as we speak.  that girl has this personality that I just cant get enough of right now.  she is incredibly happy.. and walks up to me with just the most GIANT smile on her face and the moment we meet eyes she squeals out an elaborate "HI!!"
I just cant.  she's everything, you guys.
her expressions and mannerisms make my entire day.
her surprised face and a simple raise of her eyebrows, wrinkle of her nose, or silly crooked toothy grin.
at 24 pounds this girl continues to grown length wise and not really change a ton in weight over the last several months.  size 12-18 month clothes fit her best, but we are slowly incorporating the 18-24 mo sizes for length in pants.  
Baker has developed quite the appetite and I love that she loves food.
it was such a battle with her older sisters and for it to come freely for Baker saves me a lot of distress surrounding meal times.
Baker will most always try anything we put in front of her.. as long as she's not cutting teeth or not feeling well she will hoover her entire meal.  refusing to eat is the very first sign we see when Baker isn't feeling well.
while this isn't a typical meal for Baker, this picture still makes me chuckle because sometimes you just don't know what we want to eat.. so we choose it all..
am I right?
new favorite foods this month: 
hot dogs, (carnation instant breakfast) chocolate milk, cutie oranges, string cheese, pizza, chicken, tilapia, fish sticks, rice, beans, tortilla, scrambled eggs..
and she just recently surprised me at our favorite Mexican food spot with her impressive chip 'n dipping skills.

Baker's typical meal schedule at 20 months:
breakfast (8am)
(at home): oatmeal + peanut butter; 8oz whole milk and 1/2 packet carnation instant breakfast 
(on the go): carnation + whole milk + banana bread
snack (10am)
dry cereal or crackers (goldfish)
lunch (11:30-12:30pm)
english muffin or sprouted toast with peanut butter + fruit pouch
NAP (12 or 1pm --> 3:30-4pm)
after nap snack
popcorn or peanut butter crackers
dinner (6pm)
baked chicken nuggets or fish + string cheese + strawberries + yogurt
before bed (7pm)
8oz whole milk + 1/2 packet carnation instant breakfast

Baker's hair has gotten SO long and reminds me the most of Jolie's hair in growth and texture at this age.  we often have to clip back her bangs or toss the little baby hairs on top of her head into a pony to keep them out of her face while she plays away.
Baker's vocabulary can no longer be limited to a simple short list.  
she says new things every day, half of which I don't even know where they came from.  
new words + phrases: 
Parker, Jolie, thirsty, "I dont know?!", "eat! eat!", buh-bye, show (referring to TV), "HEY!!" highchair, shoes, stinky, "EW, nasty!"(usually in reference to her diapers..which by the way brings me to tears in laughter when she starts saying it over and over), "ouch!", diaper, door, Oscar, candy (that didnt take long..), no, "lets go!", "where'd it go?", choo-choo, "SO cute!!", baby, dog, elephant, lion, apple, orange, milk, outside, paci..

speaking of the paci.. we are no where near giving that thing up.  Baker has about 4700 pacifiers she must sleep with and then proceed to collect before getting out of her crib in the morning or after nap. to be honest, I am in no huge rush to wean her off the pacifier.  she hands it over freely when we ask for it and therefore doesn't have it in her mouth 24/7.  Parker was 2.5 yrs before we cut the paci, so I feel like we have some time!  
Baker sleeps like a champ.  usually 12-14 hours at night (7pm-8:30am) and her nap during the day is always about 2-2.5 hours. she goes down without a fight and when she wakes there is always a period of time (usually about 30-45 minutes) that she lays awake chattering and playing in her crib before we go get her up.  I've learned (the hard way) that even though she's awake she's not ready to get up right away!  she is the opposite of her sisters and hasnt attempted to climb out of her crib, so.. you know.. bars for life.
many-a-times Baker screams her little head off when she doesn't get her way.. the big sister girls don't mess with her much or get in her way for this reason.
I had to go back and look when we started time out and discipline with the twins to remind myself how long I should let this sort of sassy behavior go on before its time to be corrected.  don't get me wrong- she is freaking adorable, but she can test me/us.  the all too familiar look on her face when she's being defiant.  the same look Parks used to give me.
..head cocked, low eyes, raised eyebrows, and that bottom lip popped out.
OH, but the best part is the dramatic walk/stomp away with her arms straight to her side to find someplace (soft) to plop face first onto.  usually its the dog bed or pile of blankets in the corner of the living room.  never straight to the floor.  have to save face, you know:)
she knows exactly what she is doing. and its SO HARD to not bust out laughing.
not to mention that her favorite phrase of all time is 'NO'.
Baker is obsessed with TV.   I want to watch a "showwww!" sounds just like Parker and Jolie.  her shows usually fall under the category of: Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse, or Bubble Guppies. she will also sort of pay attention to really anything on the television but for her to sit and watch an entire 24 minutes it has to be one of those three.

eye patching update 
we went to the ophthalmologist last month to check on Baker's eyes and if there has been any improvement with the patching we have been working on for the last several months.  the great news: her weak eye has definitely become stronger.
we try to patch her once/day for about 2 hours and really focus that around time she is going to be playing and really using her fine motor skills to really work that eye and hopefully improve it's strength all together.  not so awesome news: her strong eye has started to pull a little bit.  we noticed it a couple months ago and then really started to question if we were patching the correct eye or not!  the eye doctor said that it is very common for the stronger eye to become weak with consistent patching.  SO.. we are patching both eyes for now.  alternating about every other day to allow both eyes to get the muscle work they need.  we go back to the ophthalmologist in April and we hope he will tell us that we are done done done patching for good.  it isn't a terrible hassle to do it and Baker really doesn't mind it at all, but just remembering to get it done is sometimes a struggle on those super full and busy days!

other news.. Baker got tubes!
ear tubes, that is.
lets rewind about 6 months ago when she got her first really bad (albeit down right terrible) ear infection. we did the typical round of antibiotics and was back in the pediatrician's office just a couple weeks later with another infection.  we continued this cycle for about 3-4 months and then a monster of an infection took over her little head and I thought she would never rid of it.  we ended up doing the super strong rocephin shots to finally clear up her baby ears and thankfully the $300 shots did the trick.. although she still had some fluid in both ears, the fluid wasn't inflamed or infected.  we had the first conversation of putting tubes in her ears and we quickly shut it down as we weren't totally ready for it.. yet.  I was interested in other forms of treatment and had heard of other families avoiding this process all together, so I was interested in getting details of before we just jumped to the conclusion that she needed tubes.
fast forward to two weeks ago.. Baker woke with her hair matted across her cheeks and her ear draining pretty badly.  Jordan mentioned that he thought she had an infection and after the weekend of tears and waking through the night that we had just been through I agreed that we needed to get her into the pedi to check it out.
ruptured ear drums x 2.  the pressure and infection was so bad that it ruptured her little ears.
I didn't even know. I was horrified and really freaked out and the conversation of tubes came up again.  we were ready.  it all happened so quickly and we were in and out our evaluation appointment with our amazing ENT, Dr. Patel.  after doing a hearing test we discovered that Baker has some pretty significant hearing loss due to the constant fluid in her ears.. infected or not that fluid was causing the most trouble for her and we needed to get rid of it ASAP.
we scheduled her tubes for that next week.. we wanted to get this in before baby brother was born and  I was relieved that Dr. Patel was on board with our time crunch:)
 we were the first surgery that morning and as they prepped our sweet girl for the (literally) 15 minute procedure neither one of us could hold back the tears.  they took her back and both Jordan and I broke down.  the twins never ever really went to the doctor other than for their well visits up to the age of 2, so our tiny Baker girl having all this trouble was heartbreaking.
she came out of anesthesia very confused and sobbing/thrashing/screaming uncontrollably.  the nurse reassured us that this kind of reaction was normal and common.  she could hardly keep her eyes open or manage her movements, so I finally just held her tight to make her feel as secure and I knew how and got her to rest for a few minutes before we were sent on our way.
 after we got home it took me a bit to finally get her to eat or drink anything. she was still pretty uptight and I am fairly certain her throat was sore from the way she acted when she would take a tiny sip of water.. and I am positive her head was hurting because she kept putting her hands over her eyes and on the bridge of her nose.  she needed a nap.  I laid her down and she slept for about 6 hours.  I was in and out of her room checking on her and she was sound asleep.  after nap she was like a brand new girl!  her happy little upbeat self again.
I took her to get a special drink for a treat and she sucked it down in about a minute flat! whew.  getting back to normal and I was so relieved.  it was the longest day ever. but honestly the "recovery" has been a piece of cake! everyone told me that the recovery would be short and sweet and I was thankful that this proved to be true:)
her vocabulary is already changing and growing and her words are triple what the twins had at this age.  we are eager and excited to see how these tubes further improve her annunciation and simply adding more words to the mix!  since her surgery, many things are startling her. things that would have never bothered her before.  we have a train that passes the house about 17 times/day and she got really freaked out by the horn the first time she heard it.  tears were falling and I couldn't help but think that she was hearing it truly for the first time.  after the hearing test and seeing how she's improved since the tubes have been place, it is very clear that she had a hearing level as we do if we were under water.. lots of muffled sounds!  with everything coming through as they should she is surprised multiple times a day of how clear she can hear now!

a very common procedure and a very common positive result.. but something I never thought to have to deal with.  just goes to show that this parenting gig continues to change as we go.
Baker loves to dance and sing, clap her hands, and twirl around like there is no tomorrow.  she surprises me everyday with the things she picks up on simply because she has a couple of older siblings to follow around, learn from, and play copy-cat to.  I'll never forget watching Baker cover her eyes and count to 10 just as her sisters do when they play hide and seek.. Baker wants so badly to be in on the action and I'm very thankful Parker and Jolie include her with most everything.
we have another daddy's girl in the house.  Baker is 100% her daddy's daughter and she adores him!  such a little helper, she follows her dad around just under his feet to offer him whatever "help" he might need.  Jordan has been spending so much time building the twins' bunk beds these last several weeks and she has been all over it with him.  
hiding his nails + screws.. unplugging his drill, toddling over the 2x4's and just in the way all together.  but Jordan couldn't ask for anything more.  he loves it. his girls are his entire world and Baker fits in just perfectly.
so much change in you this month, sweetest Baker Bree.
..and we are the lucky ones that have gotten to watch it all unfold. 
 we couldn't be more proud of you for how you've developed, molded, and changed in the last couple months. 
I never want to forget you at this age, Baker Bree.
you are such a sweet little helper, the most goofy sister of the three, and the greatest companion in my day.. I know your daddy would have to agree
I adore you precious. 
and I love you with my whole heart, boo.  

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